How to Watch Rockets Game Tonight Legally Online Without Cable

Even though the Houston Rockets has an amazing amount of talent, the last few seasons haven’t been that great for the franchise. Despite that, Rockets fans are still expecting to see an exciting season. If you’re looking for a way to show your support by watching all of their games online this season, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got all the tips you need below.

For the past few decades, NBA basketball has remained the same. However, the same cannot be said about the fans and the way they watch each game. Nowadays, more and more games are being watched over the Internet than on cable TV. If you’re a recent cable cutter looking for an alternative way to view the Houston Rockets games, then pull up a chair. You’ll soon see that you made the right decision when you ended that cable contract to save money.

This guide was created to show you the various ways you can watch the Houston Rockets play online legally and easily. Simply scroll below for all the details.

Use Sling TV to Catch Live Streams of the Houston Rockets Games

Sling TV is a very popular method Houston Rockets fans are using to watch live NBA games nowadays.

It hasn’t taken long for it to become one of the best alternatives to cable TV since it was created by Dish Network. Users get services and features comparable to cable but without the ridiculous costs and crazy contracts. At $20 a month, Sling TV gives you:

Access to the best movies and shows from over 25 of the most popular networks on cable All of your favorite NBA games on networks such as ESPN, ESPN2, and even TNT. Not only your’s, but your kid’s favorite shows as well on channels like Nickelodeon, Food Network, Cartoon Network, TBS, and many more. T-Mobile customers get a 30% off discount. Your choice between a completely FREE Roku streaming device or an Apple TV for a ridiculously discounted price when you prepay for 3 months of Sling TV. Access to Houston Rockets games live anywhere and at any time.

Regardless of who’s looking for entertainment, Sling TV has something they’d like to see. Another great advantage, is Sling TV has no contracts. Cancel the service whenever you want. So, how will sling TV help you view those live Houston Rockets games? Very simple, on Sling TV:

ESPN airs live games every Wednesday and Friday during the entire season. The NBA draft is even aired. TNT streams the NBA All-Star game live as well as regular NBA games on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Using the “WatchESPN” app, you can view NBA games aired on ABC. TNT also broadcasts “Inside the NBA”. NBA playoffs games are aired on networks such as on ABC, TNT, ESPN, ESPN2, and even ESPN News.

When it comes to features as well is price, Sling TV is definitely one service that’s hard to beat. It packs affordability and convenience and one simple package. You can stream the Rockets games across multiple devices whether it’s a smart phone, laptop, tablet, smart TV, etc. They even offer a 7 Day Free Trial. It’s clear why it’s popular.

The Houston Rockets Game Online with PlayStation Vue

Easier to compete in the field of live online streaming, Sony created a streaming service called PlayStation VUE. Similar to Sling TV service, PlayStation VUE provides live streams of the NBA games on a few popular networks. Houston Rockets fans will find themselves stuck watching channels such as ESPN and TNT on this platform. Because NBA games will be broadcasts weekly, fans only need to check the schedule to see what games they’d like to watch.

Although PlayStation VUE is still an up and coming service that can be used to watch live streams of Rockets games, its limitations make it less appealing than the Sling TV option. Presently, PlayStation VUE only allows streaming on a handful of devices. Even worse, streaming content outside of your home network is purely restricted. In other words, you won’t be able to see those Houston Rockets games anywhere while on the go. Starting at $29.99, the VUE’s price also makes it less appealing than the sling TV option. You’ll be paying more money for less convenience than with Sling TV.

Now why would you do that? This might get better in the future, but until then stick with Sling TV. It’s the more logical thing to do.

Watch Rockets Game Tonight on DirecTV Now, Hulu or Google’s Youtube Unplugged

The technology to stream live TV over the internet has grown by leaps and bounds. Therefore it’s no surprise why so many companies have entered the live TV streaming service including Google, AT&T and Comcast. The newest member to the pack of companies clamoring for subscribers are DirecTV Now, Hulu and Youtube Unplugged.

All three sister companies are derived from bigger, more established companies. Therefore expect the quality to be good, and the customer support to be just as good. Following standards set by Sling TV, all three platforms have a 7-day free trial offer to new subscribers.

Live Games of the Houston Rockets Online with NBA League Pass

Out of all of the methods mentioned so far, NBA fanatics are sure to love the NBA League Pass method. No other service out to date provides more NBA content then this service. Because it’s the official NBA’s own streaming service, that should come as no surprise.

Wondering what makes NBA League Pass special? For starters, they provide:

Live streams of every game during the NBA season The ability to view replays of every game played on-demand On-demand replays of the entire NBA playoffs NBA classic games from past seasons on demand and in HD
NBA League Pass suffers from one major issue though. They aren’t allowed to air live streams of any area’s local teams. The local cable networks have exclusive rights to do that. What this means is that a Houston Rockets fan living in Houston won’t be able to watch live streams of the game while using this service. However, after the games aired, replays of the event will be available for viewing on demand.

To accommodate different fans, NBA League Pass has created different versions of it service. Each has its benefits, but they all fall victim to the local team blackouts:

There is the NBA League Pass which provides live streaming and replays of the entire NBA and costs $199.99 per season.

You have the NBA Team Pass which also gives access to live streaming and replays of NBA games but only for a single team and cost around $119.99 each season.

There is a NBA Single Game Pass option that gives subscribers live streaming of just one game they choose. Each game cause $6.99 to watch.

With NBA league pass, you can watch a game anywhere any time on just about any device since its compatible with almost everyone out on the market. If you’re an extreme NBA fan, then this is definitely the service for you. Just remember if you live in Houston, don’t expect to see the Houston Rockets games live. You’ll have to wait till after they aired to catch them.

There is also a NBA League Pass international version for NBA fans living outside of the USA. It provides all of the same features as the services mentioned above with one exception, there are no local team blackouts in the international version.

An HD Antenna to Watch Houston Rockets Games Live

Here’s a method that is so simple and cheap, that it doesn’t require a bunch of long, drawn out paragraphs to explain. It’s completely legal and absolutely free. There are tons of popular networks that broadcasts their programming over the air (OTA) antenna. For you, that’s great news! In order to view these stations, all that’s needed is a television equipped with a simple HD antenna.

Once is hooked up, simply check your television guide to find out what games will be aired on your available stations. Once that’s done, simply tune and at the appropriate time and enjoy. If you find yourself pressed for time and can’t view the game when it airs, there’s a simple solution for that problem too.

All you have to do, is add a DVR to your television as well and record all the games that you won’t be able to watch live. When is convenient for you, come back and enjoy them.

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, the way NBA fans are starting to watch their favorite teams play is starting to change. Hopefully, the methods listed in this article will help you, as a Houston Rockets fan, transition to watching the games online without a problem.