Watch The History Channel Online Free Without Cable

Some of the best television available today is on the History Channel. Dramas on the channel tell the story of the human experience with both information and entertainment. Students have a great deal to learn from watching the channel and the channel’s older audience loves to watch videos and analysis of time gone by.

Today, the History Channel is far more than just the famous historical documentaries it’s known for. Instead, the channel has some notable hits and series. Vikings is one hit on the history channel, and it tells the story of actual Norse characters and stories throughout history. This breakout show put the network on the map in the realm of popular television. Pawn Stars, Ancient Aliens, and American Pickers are other hit shows from the History Channel that viewers make a point not to miss.

Modern viewers expect more from their television services than ever before. They don’t want to have to pay for hundreds of cable channels that they know they don’t plan to watch, just so that they can see Vikings and their other favorite History Channel shows. Viewers want to have more say over what channels they pay for and the terms of service in their television package.

Fortunately, today, there are great ways to watch history channel without cable. Cables are cumbersome, and smart viewers today know that they only need the internet in order to see their favorite television shows. You can choose the channels you want to watch the most at the price point that you choose. Keep reading to find out what smart cable cutters already know: new streaming services give you the best in television without cable commitments and big channel packages that keep you out of the loop.

See History Come Alive on Sling TV – Free Trial

The cutting-edge service that allows you to cut cable is Sling TV. A service of Dish Network, this new television service uses internet streaming to bring you the best in television programming with no more than your existing internet connection and a compatible device such as a television, computer or phone. Since its introduction on the market, Sling TV has grown to more than a million monthly subscribers. It’s literally making history as it airs the History Channel and other great television options.

Sling TV starts with giving you base service for as little as $20 per month. In this entry-level subscription, you get more than twenty-five of the most popular channels. If that’s all you want, all you pay is the $20 per month and nothing more. You can choose from two different base packages, the Blue Package and the Orange Package.

If you want more than the base package of channels, there are available upgrades depending on the types of channels you watch the most. You can add on one package or add them all. Each add-on package is yours for a slight upcharge each month. Add-on packages are grouped by genre, such as news, movies or children’s interest.

To use your Sling TV benefits, you need the internet, of course, and a device. You can watch on a television if you have a streaming device such as a Roku 2. Both iOS and Android are compatible with Sling TV and Sling TV comes straight to you on a computer, too. One of the things that sets Sling TV apart from other streaming services is its compatibility with a large number of different streaming devices for television, including Apple TV, Chromecast and Xbox One.

The History Channel on Sling TV – Included in Base Package

Fortunately for fans of the History Channel, the channel comes in Sling TV’s basic package. That means you never have to pay more than the base price in order to see the best the channel has to offer, all the time. With Sling TV, you can watch the History Channel exactly as the channel airs it. If you want even more, the service also gives you a number of on-demand shows from the History Channel. That way, you can watch Live to Tell, Billion Dollar Wreck, or your other favorites, without worrying about whether you could forget to set the DVR.

Watch History Channel Without Cable with DirecTV Now

Another streaming service that offers the History Channel is DirecTV NOW. Users report that DirecTV NOW has an interface that’s designed with customers in mind, so it’s easy to use from the first time you use it. Unlike many other streaming services, mobile restrictions are few. That makes it easier for you to access your favorite shows when you can’t be at home or on your base device. While other streaming services mostly let you watch from home, DirecTV NOW lets you log in and enjoy, whether you’re traveling on business, stuck in an airport or just a few miles away from home.

DirecTV NOW lets you choose the group of channels you want to watch, including with the History Channel. There are a lot of channels to choose from, including Discovery channel, Food Network, ESPN and A&E. The lowest price to get DirecTV NOW is $35 per month, so it is automatically more expensive than Sling TV right off the bat.

DirecTV NOW lets you use a seven-day free trial to see if the service is right for you. As an added incentive, you can get Apple TV for free if you commit to a few months of service. This is an option to watch history channel without cable if you’re okay with a higher price than Sling TV.

Other Ways to Watch

There are other ways to watch some History Channel offerings without cable. The channel operates a website that gives you some choices, but don’t expect a wide variety of options if you haven’t paid for the channel with Sling TV or another service. You might find some History Channel shows on Netflix or Hulu, or you can purchase individual episodes for some shows on Amazon Instant Video, where prices start at $1.99

With these options, you can watch History Channel without cable. You don’t even have to spend a fortune. Sling TV brings it to you with its popular service that starts at just $20 per month. If you want to spend more, try DirecTV NOW for $35 per month. You can also find individual offerings in a few places at a la carte prices, with limited availability. With all these options, you can enjoy the History Channel today. Cable isn’t even close to required.