Watch HBO Without Cable

HBO is home to wonderful shows. Some you may have seen are Family Tree, How To Make It In America, Divorce or Silicon Valley. That’s really the tip of the iceberg. It’s has an astonishing database of movies that blow the other live streaming services out of the water. Whether you don’t have cable—or just can’t afford the pricey movie package—there are still ways to watch HBO.

Watch HBO Go (HBO Now) Without Cable

First, turn to your computer or any digital device. Type in If you’re not subscribed already, you have the ability to watch free for a month online. After that month is expired, the price rises to $14.99/month for HBO Now. When you think about the large amount of content, this price really is justifiable. You have to decide how much you’re going to commit to it, however. If you’re going to watch it a lot, the price is worth it. Yet, if you’re not a frequent HBO watcher, then the price may be a bit much.

Stream HBO On Amazon

You can also watch HBO through Amazon. The price for HBO is the same here—$14.99/month. However, Amazon sweetens the pot. They throw in Prime as part of the deal. This gives you a broader range of television and movies. In addition, you get free shipping on all your purchases with Amazon. While it may be something extra, it might just worth it. After all, you can watch your content on any device—anywhere. It doesn’t get better than that.


Additionally, watch HBO through Cablevision. This is a television provider that live streams HBO directly to subscribers via the Internet. While Cablevision is a cable provider, you don’t necessarily need a subscription to sign up for the service. You go to their website and sign up for the regular HBO package, which is $14.99/month. Then, you have the opportunity to watch your HBO shows and movies directly on any device you own. This includes a television, computer, iPad or iPhone.

Roku Streaming Player

Roku streaming player is another way that HBO fans can stream the network without cable. Roku is very popular among cord cutter as it packs a ton of many popular apps in one singular place. If you go with a Roku TV it is even easier to access live streaming content all in one place. All the popular apps like Sling are readily available to download.

Apple TV

Apple TV (what is apple TV) also has the HBO Now app pre-loaded on their streaming platform. The great thing about Apple TV is it has a unified TV guide feature that enable users to search for any show all in one place without having to go to each app individually to search for a how.

 Sling TV

Signing up for a Sling TV account is also an option. Don’t have a television? No worries! With Sling, you pay $20/month for 30 channels. You have the option of adding HBO onto your channels. They have higher packages that include more channels, but why pay for what you don’t need? You can take Sling with you anywhere in the world. It’s hard to take your bedroom television everywhere you go. And, signing up for a Sling account is often a third the price of a cable subscription. Save money where you can; television has gone digital! Review DirecTV Now vs Sling.

DirecTV Now

DirecTV Now (review) subscribers are able to stream live HBO content for a premium fee of $5. The five dollar price point is actually cheaper than buying the service directly from HBO, which is as of right now is $14.99 per month. The reason I believe the price is cheaper on DirecTV Now is because of the slimmer bundle pack option.

Playstation Vue

What is PlayStation Vue? Vue is a similar service like DirecTV Now and Sling (DirecTV vs Sling TV), but Vue is probably more suited for die-hard gamers and Sony enthusiast. With Vue you can stream HBO, but the price point is much much higher that both DirecTV Now and Sling.

The price for HBO is around $75 on the Ultra package, which makes it very expensive compared to other streaming services. There is no word on if Youtube Unplugged will carry HBO on their yet to be released streaming service.

Final Thoughts

Finally, borrow your friend’s HBO login. I know people who borrow logins for Netflix or Hulu. There is nothing wrong with it as long as each person has their own profile. Borrowing a login, too, can give you a good trial run. It gives you a lot longer to watch the movies and television shows. This way you can see if you really want to fork over the money for the network. You just have to stay on good terms of the person which gives you the login, otherwise they may lock you out. HBO has some really great shows. If you want to watch it go ahead. You don’t need cable but you need a device that will live stream fantastic content.

Notable HBO Show You Can Watch Online

  • Animals,
  • Ballers,
  • Boardwalk Empire,
  • The Brink,
  • The Comeback,
  • True Detective,
  • Veep, Vinyl,
  • Vice Principals,
  • Westworld.
  • Divorce
  • Eastbound & Down
  • Game of Thrones
  • Getting On
  • Girls
  • Hello Ladies
  • Insecure
  • Jonah from Tonga
  • The Leftovers,
  • Looking,
  • The Newsroom,
  • The Night Of,
  • Silicon Valley,
  • Togetherness,
  • True Blood,