How to Watch The Hallmark Channel Online Without Cable

The Hallmark Channel gives us some of the best family-oriented television available. Its movies are fan favorites, and people make time in their schedule to watch the next inspiring movie that Hallmark debuts. The channel is especially popular during the holidays, as watching with family members is often an annual tradition.

Even if fans don’t want to bother holding onto their aging cable service, they still want to watch all of the best of the Hallmark Channel. Cable and the Hallmark Channel don’t necessarily go together anymore. There are better ways that you can watch the channel live. These services take advantage of the internet connection that you already have so that you can watch paid television without a cable coming anywhere near your home.

How Does It Work?

Internet today is fast. These new streaming services decided to capitalize on internet today to bring you live television. It works like watching any other streamed content online. The television channels look exactly like they would look if you got them on cable.

Most of the time, this new service costs much less than cable does. The other good news is that, unlike cable, you have a great deal of say over what you pay and what channels you get in return. The consumer definitely has the power with these new services, and you’ll find companies offering you a free trial or free and discounted streaming devices in exchange for your loyalty. It’s legal, and there are powerhouse names behind the services. Let’s look at a few of these services and what they offer you so that you can watch Hallmark Channel online.

Live Streaming The Hallmark Channel on DirecTV NOW (Free Trial)

DirecTV NOW is one example of these new streaming services. It offers Hallmark channel among the generous package of channels that you get for the $35 entry-level fee. You can expect all of the greats with this service such as Disney, Cartoon Network, AMC, FX, TBS and ESPN. Even the base package has a large number of channels.

One of the major upsides to this service over others is the way that you can get HBO. It’s just $5 extra per month with DirecTV NOW. You’ll be hard pressed to find that good of a bargain on HBO with any other streaming service. Most services include HBO for $15 per month extra. If you crunch the numbers, DirecTV NOW might come out your best bet for this reason.

Check out the service’s seven-day available free trial if you’re still not sold. DirecTV NOW doesn’t make you sign a contract and you can cancel any time you’re not satisfied with your service. There are a number of packages available to satisfy any taste. Hallmark is in all of the packages.

Watch Hallmark Channel on Sling TV Without Cable

Another great option for putting on your pajamas and watching Hallmark channel with a cup of hot cocoa is Sling TV. This service has the lowest entry level price, and even with the Lifestyle package upgrade to get Hallmark Channel, you can still get the service for $25 per month. To do that, select the base orange package and the Lifestyle package. The base orange package is $20 per month and the Lifestyle package is $25 per month.

There is another base package to choose from, and that’s the blue package. It’s slightly more at $25 per month. If you choose that one you can still choose to add the Lifestyle upgrade so that you can watch Hallmark Channel.

There’s no contract to sign and a free Sling TV trial that lasts a week. Take advantage of bonus promos if you want a little something extra when you sign up. There are lots of add on options and it’s all up to you so take your time reading when you sign up.

Other Options Include Hulu, Netflix & Amazon Prime

Right now, these are your options to watch Hallmark channel legally online. PlayStation Vue doesn’t yet offer the channel in its available list. You can look for individual movies or shows with on-demand content providers like Hulu, Netflix or Prime, but this is hit or miss.

Your best bet is to choose one of the streaming services listed and incorporate Hallmark Channel into your package selections for the service. Because these services don’t require a commitment, your service is only on a month to month basis. You’re free to change your selections or your service provider any time you want to. These service providers are constantly updating what they offer as they compete for your business. Enjoy watching Hallmark Channel today and enjoy the new way to watch television.