How to Watch The Grammy Awards Online Without Cable Free

Each year, music fans eagerly await the annual Grammy Awards. Usually, the awards honor people who create music that appeals to the masses. There are a variety of categories recognizing the best record, song and album of the year. There is a separate category for new artists. Music artists dream of winning a Grammy and if they are fortunate enough to win, they consider it a highlight of their career.

There are also Grammy Awards specifically by genre, so rap, R&B and rock artists can all compete for an award. To enter, media production companies have to be a registered part of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (NARAS). Individuals can enter recordings, too, if they are solo members of the NARAS. Members then vote on who should win the award, and they’re encouraged to vote only in the subject categories that they know a lot about so that experts have the final say in who wins the awards. While the ceremony has moved around over the years, it’s held in Los Angeles today.

If you love pop music, chances are you have your calendar marked to watch the annual Grammy Awards. The show features entertainers and live performances from some of the top performers and musicians of the day. The show features up and coming artists, too and there are always a few surprises. The show also includes jokes and other side entertainment.

As television in general moves away from cable, music fans want to know how they can see the big show without having to go all out for a cable package that sings off key. Fortunately there’s good news for Grammy fans. Today, you can watch the Grammy Awards online without paying for cable. There are multiple ways that you can harness your internet connection or the airways to can cable for good while you still get to see your favorite awards show. Keep reading to see how you can get the Grammy Awards live stream without a cable connection.

Watch Grammys Live on CBS All Access (Free Trial)

Even though CBS is a broadcasting powerhouse, they are still in on the front lines of live streaming services. They offer CBS All Access. You can pay a small fee and then access the CBS affiliate of your choice, from across the entire country. Most affiliates participate in the program. You can see the Grammy Awards live using this service. It uses the internet to bring you a live stream of the show, just as though you watched it on broadcast television or cable.

It’s affordable, too. You can pay just $5.99 a month to use the service. You also get on-demand access to the greatest hits CBS has to offer. There are 7500 episodes available for your perusal and the selection includes both current hits and archived classics. There’s a seven-day free trial of CBS All Access to take advantage of if you’re new to the service.

Even if you can’t get CBS All Access where you live, check out the CBS App. They don’t offer live streaming on the app, but you can still watch CBS’ large collection of hit shows about a day after they air. If you are fortunate to get CBS All Access, it’s a great way to watch the Grammy Awards live stream on your smartphone or computer. If you have a television, you can use CBS All Access to watch the Grammy Awards with your compatible streaming device like Chromecast, Roku or Android.

Over the Airways with a DVR

Broadcast television isn’t dead. The airways are still a great and completely free way to watch television. You just need a television that has a digital tuner and an antenna. Years ago, Americans made the big switch from analog to digital, but broadcast television remains legal and free using digital technology.

If you add a DVR service, you can record your favorite shows to watch later. This makes broadcast television convenient. There is never any commitment with over-the-air television, and it’s free to anyone within broadcasting range of the station that sends out the signal. Tablo is a popular DVR option. It gives you the option to watch the recording on your phone or computer, if you have an internet connection.

With these options, you can watch the Grammy Awards live stream for free or for a low fee. Choose the service that is right for you and enjoy the best in music. Over the air and CBS All Access give you the options to see the Grammy Awards in the way that works for you. Now that is something to sing about.