Fubotv Review

Being a football fan in the United States can be a frustrating experience. It can start with trying to explain to a friend or coworker that soccer is really football, everywhere but the United States. Soccer is also the most popular and most-played sport in the world. Real football fans know that finding their beloved sport on American television can take true detective work.

Even big-name soccer in the United States gets little television air time. Major League Soccer is often left out of the cable lineup, even though there is a large fan base in the country. This can leave football’s biggest fans asking the question, What is Fubo TV?

Fubo TV Brings You Soccer, Or Call It Football

Fubo TV has you covered. They bring you all of the best in Major League Soccer and soccer matches from all over the world. Today, cable television isn’t the way to watch soccer, not that it ever really was. But today, Fubo TV brings you the best in football and soccer without having to have a cable subscription. Fubo TV is all football, all the time. Keep reading to see how you can watch all the soccer you can handle with this outstanding service.

Outstanding Options

Fubo TV is a one-stop shop not just for football but also for all kinds of sports. For a low, monthly fee, you get access to approximately twelve of the best sports channels, including more soccer than you can ever handle. With so much access, soccer might just become the most popular sport in America, too.

How it Works

Unlike traditional cable, if you’re wondering what is Fubo TV, the answer is an internet streaming service. The service works by using your already-established internet connection to bring you your favorite soccer channels. As internet has gotten faster, providers quickly realized that it’s a new way to bring you the latest in television subscription services, without ever having to make you wait for a cable guy. Instead, use your internet connection to log in or watch on television with a streaming device. It also works on your phone.

With your paid subscription, you get a login to Fubo TV’s benefits. Then choose the channel that you want to watch and access live streaming of soccer and your other favorite sports. It’s that simple. There’s no limit to how much you can watch with your subscription.

Cost to Subscribe

Fubo TV is a relatively new service, having launched only in 2015. The good news for soccer fans is that subscription costs are only $10 per month. For that you get twelve great sports networks and channels, and most of them are soccer heavy. They’re not just from the United States, either, so you get the best soccer from around the world.

With the service, you get Univision, BeInSports, Football Report TV, Revolt and UniMas, just to name a few. There are channels in both English and Spanish. Leagues that you can watch with the service include La Liga, MLS, Ligue 1, Primeira Liga, Eredivisie and Liga MX, among others. Don’t worry about missing the championship game, either, because with the service you get to see the championships of Copa America, CONMEBOL, Football League Championship, Copa America Centenario, English League Cup and the Swiss Super League.

Subscription Terms

The subscription terms for Fubo TV is that there are no terms. That’s right, you pay by the month as you go. If you don’t want the service next month, just cancel. Take breaks when you travel or don’t take any breaks at all.

There’s no minimum subscription and you can keep the service for as long or as little as you like. You can try the service out for twenty-four hours to see if it hits the goal in your life. There’s no penalty kick if you don’t join after the trial, and you never pay a cancellation fee. Don’t worry about getting red carded with terms of cancellation, because you don’t have to give a reason to be done with your service.

Other Features

It isn’t just live matches that you get to watch with Fubo TV. The answer to what is Fubo TV is that it’s much more than your favorite football television channels in one place. You get access to a comprehensive library of series, news, club videos and more. Watch this content on demand as you watch the games live. It’s an impressive way to even learn more about soccer as you follow your favorite teams all the way to the World Cup.


Fubo TV wants to make it easy for you to use their service. That means that you can use it on your smart phone. It doesn’t matter if you have an Android or an iOS. Both devices work to watch Fubo TV. You can use Fubo TV right on your television, too. That means you can invite friends over to watch the big game with Fubo TV. All you need is a streaming device. Amazon Fire TV works with the service, and so does Roku.

You don’t need to worry about the quality of the stream, either. You get Fubo TV in 1080 HD. There are no blurs and no pixels interfering with the fun. You get a nice clean picture.

Special Features

There are special feature that set Fubo TV apart from other streaming services. One feature is the DVR feature. If you have to miss a match, you can record the match so that you can watch it on demand. This is a great way to make sure that you don’t miss your favorite game or team.

The service also continues to work on updates so that the service is compatible with other services and streaming devices. If you have the Amazon Fire TV app, you can make in-app purchases with just a single click. Use the cloud-based DVR to pause, record, fast forward and rewind the games as you watch then. There is a new iOS app that allows you to chat with other uses, use picture within picture and even use Chromecast.

Device Limitations

There is one downside to Fubo TV, but it’s not a deal breaker. You can only stream on one device at a time. That means that you have to pick a stream and stick with it until you want to change to another stream. Basically, you can’t watch two matches at the same time, and you can’t watch one thing on one device while a family member watches something else in another room. Even so, when your friends ask you what is Fubo TV, you can say that it’s a great way to be an American in the soccer know, and that you get to be an insider who gets to see all of the great football matches from the United States and all over the world.