How to Legally Watch FSU Football Games Online Free Without Cable

When people mention Florida, a few things come to mind: amazing sandy beaches, Mickey Mouse, Disney World and of course the Florida State Seminoles. They are one of the premiere college football teams in the ACC and they have many loyal fans from around the world.

And every season, most of Florida State Seminoles football games will be broadcasted on networks such as ABC and ESPN. Also, a few of the games are aired on ESPN2 and the WatchEPSN app. But for those people who don’t have access to cable television, how are they supposed to watch their favorite college football team?

Well, now with the power of the internet, there are many different ways to watch Florida State Seminoles football games without cable television! We have compiled a list of some of the most affordable ways to easily watch college football games on your phone, smartphone, computer or TV!

Watch FSU Football Live Stream With Sling TV And DIRECTV NOW

For those people who want complete access to the complete family of ESPN channels, then there’s no better stream service than Sling TV. It’s a new streaming service created by the Dish Network and it’s already one of the most popular streaming services online! Why is it so amazing? Well for starters, it comes with ESPN, ESPN2 and ESPN3 via the WatchESPN App.

And when you’re done watching the Florida State Seminoles game, you can watch popular television shows like the award-winning zombie show: The Walking Dead. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg! There are dozens of popular tv shows that you’ll have access to with Sling TV streaming service.

One of the best features of Sling TV is that you can watch any Florida State Seminoles game live online while it’s being broadcasted on ESPN. And you have multiple options. For example, you can stream the games on a streaming device like Roku or you can stream it directly to your computer.

Also, regardless of whether you have an Apple iOS or Android powered device, you’ll get access to all of the games. So whether you’re relaxing at home, or busy on the road, you can easily watch live streams of the Florida State Seminoles college football games. And best of all, this is without having to sign any long term contracts!

As for the pricing, Sling TV offer its Orange package for only $20 per month. And to make the deal ever better, you can easily try it out for free for an entire week. It gives you 7 days to check out some college football games and decide whether or not you want to sign up for their monthly stream service. But if you really like watching Florida State Seminoles games, we guarantee you will end up wanting to continue the service!

And if you’re into more than one college football team, then you may be interested in Sling TV’s Sports Extra Package. Basically, this extra package gives you access to other popular ESPN channels such as ESPNews and ESPNU. So you’ll be able to easily stay informed with everything that’s going in with college football!

Need a device for streaming? Well, then you’re in luck! Right now Sling TV is offering new customers the Roku 2 for free! To qualify for this deal, all yo have to do is sign up to Sling’s streaming service for 3 months in advance.

DirecTV Now is similar to Sling in that it host channels like the ACC Network, ESPN, ESPN2, and ESPNU.

Playstation Vue Offers An Easy Way To Watch FSUĀ Games Online

One of the most popular features of the Playstation 4 is that gamers can stream their favorite shows online and also stream college football games with a new live streaming service call the Playstation Vue. One of the best features about the Vue is that there is absolutely no long term commitment! It’s without a doubt one of the best ways to watch Florida State Seminoles college football games online.

The only downside we can think of is that that it costs a little bit more than the alternatives. The basic Playstation Vue streaming package costs up to $40 per month, with the price depending on exactly where you live. And if you’re the type that likes to watch football games while on the go, than it’s worth pointing out the with the Vue, you can only stream games from within your home.

But while this may prevent a few people from signing up, keep in mind that with the Playstation Vue streaming service, there are no additional pieces of hardware to purchase. Meaning, if you own a Playstation 3 or 4, then you’re already set to start using the streaming service.

Watch FSU Games At Home With Just An Antenna

Now, while online streaming service provides a convenient way to watch all of the Florida State Seminoles Games during football season, some of the games actually will be broadcasted live on national television. And in those situations, you can simply use an old fashioned tv antenna!

The good thing about modern tv antennas is that they are no longer big and clunky. Now they are extremely small, very powerful and doesn’t get in the way at all! If you need an antenna, then we suggest going to your favorite online marketplace such as Amazon to buy one.

And when deciding which antenna to buy, well, you can select anyone antenna really. While some antennas are more expensive than others, they all basically work the same way regardless of the price. So that affordable low priced antennas will work just as good as the more expensive models.

Listen To The Florida State Seminoles Games

While watching the football games is great, for whatever reason some people may want to just listen to them instead. And for those group of people, there’s an app called TuneIn Radio. It’s a free online streaming audio service that offers free audio broadcasts of all college football games including Florida State Seminoles Games.

And if you’re interested in listening to NFL games as well, you can easily pay just $7.99 per month to get access to the audio from all pro football games. And the best part about their premium service is that it’s not limited to just NFL games. You can listen to other professional sports games as well!