How to The Watch French Open Online Free Without Cable

The French Open is one of the most important tennis tournaments in the entire world. It’s played in Paris each year and it’s one of the four tournaments in the Grand Slam tennis series. The French Open is significant because it’s played on clay. That makes play slower and more demanding for even the best athletes in the world.

Competition play is broadcast all over the world. Millions of fans join in the fun by watching the competition from Paris. Some of the biggest tennis stars come to try their skills in the French Open, so it’s a great way to see some of the best tennis players in the entire world.

Watch the French Open with Internet Streaming Instead of Cable

Fortunately, you can get in on the action without a cable subscription. If you don’t believe cable scores the point, you can leave it out of the game and opt for a French Open live stream instead. This is legal and there are lots of options.

If you’re wondering how you can join the millions of fans who use a French Open live stream instead of cable or a satellite dish, you’re not the only one. On the other hand, maybe you’ve heard of streaming internet technologies but you don’t know know how it works. Read on to find out how to win the match by cutting cable and streaming television live, instead.

PlayStation Vue Offers Subscription Service Free Trial

A great way to stream the French Open is with PlayStation Vue’s internet-based television service. The service comes to you with all the power of Sony. It uses your internet connection and your PlayStation console to bring you live television as it airs. It’s just like if you were watching the channel over cable, but without the two-year contract and without the cancellation fees. You pay month to month as you go. If you don’t have a PlayStation console, there are several other devices that you can use to watch the service online.

The price you pay for PlayStation Vue is lower than the price of cable. The exact price depends on where you live, but if you live in one of the more expensive locations, you can expect to get extra channels in return for a higher monthly fee. Even the most expensive package still saves you a bundle at $40 per month. The less-expensive locations are $30 per month.

For the entry-level service, you should get what you need to watch the French Open live stream. Most of it is on NBCSN, and NBCSN is part of the channels that you get with PlayStation Vue’s entry-level service.

Tennis Channel Plus

The Tennis Channel wants in on internet streaming services so it offers a streaming app for tennis fans. They have more than 650 events each year, and many matches and tournaments are live each year, including the French Open. You can get extra on-demand content, too.

The service is great for tennis fans because you can watch live as well as replays. You can watch on Apple TV, Android, iPhone, iPad and Roku to name a few. You can get the app for $69.99 per year. That’s worth it for serious tennis fans.

NBC Antenna TV

They say that the best things in life are free, and that might be the case with NBC’s over-the-air broadcasting. This television still comes right through the air free to anyone who gets a television and an antenna to pick it up. The better the antenna, the stronger the signal you get, so shop around. You should consider the ClearStream Eclipse and the Mohu Leaf.

If you’re the most serious fan, you might not like the coverage you get on NBC alone, because it’s not comprehensive for the French Open. You find most of the coverage of the tournament on NBC on the weekends. This can be a good supplement to a streaming service or to the Tennis Channel app if you want a French Open live stream that lets you see everything.

These are ways that you can see one of the greatest tennis tournaments in the world without ever losing the point to the cable company. With modern technology, you’re calling the shots by choosing the service that works for you. Buy a service to meet all of your television needs, or buy just the tennis app. Have fun watching the tennis greats from Paris.