How to Legally Live Stream FOX News Online Free Without Cable

Fox News is one of the most popular shows in television programming. At times, it’s also one of the most controversial channels, too. The channel has a loyal following and fans love to watch it compete for the top spot among twenty-our hour television news.

As television viewers make the shift from cable to other ways to watch television, some fans wonder if they’re going to be left out of the know. They worry that if they cut cable, they give up their connection with Fox News and the outside world. The good news is that today, there’s nothing to worry about.

Now, even without cable, you never have to miss a breaking news alert again. You can watch Hannity, O’Reilly and all of your other Fox News favorites without having a cable subscription. Now, there are ways that you can use internet streaming to watch Fox News and other television channels without the cable subscription that you don’t want. Read on to find out how you can get in on this new technology.

How Do Streaming Services Work?

Today, you don’t need cable to watch television. All you need is the internet. If you have the internet, you can bring in those television channels with the streaming service. It’s just like you would watch a video online, only it’s an exact feed of the television channel.

You need to have a compatible device such as computer that connects to the internet, or a smartphone such as an Android or an iOS. If you want to watch on your television, you need to have what’s called a streaming device such as a Roku, Amazon Fire TV or Chromecast. Choose the streaming service that works for you and you can start watching in as little as a few minutes.

DirecTV NOW brings you Fox News Including Free Trial

DirecTV NOW is one such subscription service that brings you Fox News and a number of other channels without cable and without a satellite dish. DirecTV NOW is a great streaming service for news lovers because you can get CNN, MSNBC and Fox News, among other great programming. The service is a month-to-month subscription option that allows you to watch the most popular paid television programs on your compatible devices.

If news isn’t your number one reason for turning on television, there are other great options with DirecTV NOW. With the service, you can get the ESPN channel family, including ESPN, ESPNU and other ESPN favorites live the SEC Network. The Golf channel and Fox Sports Net are other options with DirecTV Now. If you have kids that love television, Disney and Disney Jr are great options. Older audiences might enjoy TNT, History and AMC. With your paid service, you can watch for as long as you like, even twenty-four hours per day. There are no limitations.

DirecTV NOW works to be compatible with a large number of devices and streaming options. It works with Amazon Fire TV and Apple TV. As DirecTV NOW grows in popularity, the service works to add more and more devices in order to expand its audience. Entry level packages cost $35, so this is an expensive service compared to other streaming services available on the market, such as Sling TV. Even so, this is a way that you can watch Fox News without cable.

DirecTV doesn’t have the mobile restrictions that other subscription services have, such as PlayStation Vue. That means it’s a good option for people who want to watch their programming in a variety of places. Sling TV doesn’t have many mobile restrictions, either, but PlayStation Vue is best for those who want to watch primarily at home.

DirecTV NOW wants you to try out their service and see if it’s right for you. There’s a seven-day trial waiting for you. There are other options and perks, too. You can get Amazon Fire TV streaming for free if you agree to a month’s service off the bat. There’s never a commitment, so you can just login and cancel at the end of any month billing cycle. Customers report great satisfaction with this pay-as-you-go business model.

Play Fox News on PlayStation Vue (Free Trial Included)

Another way to watch Fox News without cable is with PlayStation Vue. This show is a service of Sony, so it comes with high credentials. PlayStation Vue also uses internet streaming to bring you cable television shows for a month-by-month fee. Fox News and a number of other Fox channels are available through this service, so you can keep up with the latest news, sports and entertainment with the service.

This service is one of the most costly streaming services available. At $29.99 or $39.99 for a month subscription, it’s a notably higher price point than main rival Sling TV, which starts at $20 per month. Some people also gripe that the service isn’t compatible with enough devices, since Sony intends for you to use it mostly with a PlayStation console.

Watch On the Web

Fox News makes some of its content available online. There are news video clips and written articles. This isn’t the way to leave Fox News in the background at work or a restaurant, however, because the content is somewhat limited. It’s a way to see the latest headlines, but you won’t get the complete features of the channel this way.

Fox News Go App

Another way to watch online is with the Fox News Go App. This smart phone app requires a paid television credential though, so it’s a supplement to a streaming service, and not a substitute for one. If you have a subscription to one of the services, you might find this is a convenient way to access Fox News. It lets you watch Fox News without cable, wherever you are.

Sling TV Has Other Options

No discussion of television streaming services is complete without mentioning Sling TV. This service is the heavy hitter in television streaming services. It has the lowest entry point for streaming services, costing only $20 to get in on the ground floor.

It also has the most customized options of any of the streaming services available today. That means you can choose just the add-on channels that you like the most. It puts you in control of what you ultimately pay for the service, too. Although Fox News isn’t available with this service yet, there are many news offerings with the service and customers rank the service high for its low cost and variety of features.