Watch Live Florida Gators Basketball Games Online

Did you know that you can watch Florida Gators basketball online? In the past, it was hard to watch sports online, and that’s why people choose to have cable. But with the advancement of technology and better internet speeds, you can now watch Gator basketball online anywhere in the world. And you don’t need to rely on illegal streaming websites that will flood you with ads. There are legitimate live sports streaming services that will allow you to watch Florida basketball online.

Watch University of Florida Basketball on Sling TV

One of the best ways to watch Florida Gators basketball online is through Sling TV. Its basic package already comes with lots of sports channels that include ESPN, ESPN2, and ESPN3. Not only that, you will also get TruTV live stream, TBS streaming, and TNT. With the channels, you will not only be able to watch Gator basketball online, you also gain access to the entire college basketball season. And for an additional $5 a month, you can get the add-on package, Sports Extra, that will give you SEC Network, ESPNU, and Pac 12 Network, just to name a few.

Get Gator Basketball Live Stream through CBS All Access

Another streaming service that provides access to University of Florida basketball games is CBS All Access. The streaming service provides college basketball coverage all season long. It is one of the ways to watch Florida basketball online, and at the same time gain access to other programming.

Watch Florida Gators Basketball Online via DirecTV Now Free

DirecTV Now is the online TV streaming service from AT&T. They offer a free trial that allows you to watch Gator basketball online. Their cheapest package has more than 100 channels that cost $35 a month. It already has the channels that allow you to watch college basketball games live. On the downside, DirecTV Now doesn’t have any DVR functionality. If you missed the game, then you just hope that the replay will be available on demand. The good news is that AT&T plans to a DVR feature in the near future.

Access Gator Basketball Live Stream through PlayStation Vue

Another way to watch Florida Gators basketball online is through PlayStation Vue. A lot of people say that it is one of the best streaming services today because of the excellent channel lineup and family member profiles. And best of all, you will be able to watch the Gators play basketball all season long.

These are the ways that you can watch Gator basketball online without cable. The best thing about the streaming services is that they offer a free trial to new subscribers. That way you will be able to try their services before subscribing.