How to Watch Fixer Upper Without Cable (Even Free)

Fixer Upper is a show that has really put HGTV on the map. Since its pilot in 2013, the show has gained more and more fans. The show is set in Waco, Texas, and it follows private individuals who buy homes and then remodel them. The buyers work with relatively small budgets so that the show appeals to common interests for the average American.

Host Chip and Joanna Gaines love their work, helping homeowners plan and finish remodeling their newly purchased homes. The hosting couple has been the subject of their own headlines recently, as their battles with tax delinquencies have become public. The couple also made headlines when Chip was arrested because the couple owed fines for allowing their dogs to run free, unrestrained. Even so, the show continues to have a loyal following of fans.

Get HGTV and Fixer Upper Without Cable

Even though many people associate HGTV with cable, the two aren’t necessarily connected. Today, you can watch FIxer Upper online from HGTV’s programming offerings a number of ways. None of these ways require you to have a cumbersome cable connection. To the contrary, maybe it’s time for your television services to be the subject of a fixer upper. Keep reading to see how you can see your favorite show with one of these new and cutting-edge streaming services.

These services are legal. The networks contract with streaming services to bring you your favorite television, just as if you had cable, only you watch using a live video stream of the channel, just like you could watch any other video that you find online. You can also watch on television if you have one of those streaming devices that you’ve probably heard about, such as a Chromecast, Roku or Fire TV.

Sling TV Is New and Affordable live streaming service

To watch Fixer Upper online, you can stream HGTV using Sling TV. This is the online streaming service that offers the lowest cost to get in on the ground floor. The entry-level cost is just $20 for a month of unrestricted television. You could watch every minute of the day and the price doesn’t change. There are no hidden extras and no limits. Just pay $20 per month and watch more than twenty-five of the most popular base channels.

Although the service only began in 2015, it already has more than a million subscribers. The basic channel alone contains HGTV. That means that if HGTV is what you want, you get it for just $20 per month. Other base channels in the orange package include ESPN, ESPN2, AMC, TNT and TBS. There is also a base package called the blue package. Many of the channels in this package are the same, but there are some differences, most notably among sports offerings. The price for that package is $25 per month.

Since Sling TV is a live streaming service, you can watch Fixer Upper online right as it airs. If that doesn’t work with your schedule, check out Sling TV’s on-demand content. You can find at least season one there, and there are usually new shows the day after they first air on the television network.

You can take Sling TV with you when you travel. Just use your Sling TV login credentials wherever you go. There are limitations to how many devices you can watch with at once, so if you do this, you might have to pay for extra devices if you want to use multiple devices to watch at once. Make sure you take advantage of one of the entry-level offers such as the free Roku 2 or discounts on a Roku 3 or Apple TV if you want three months of service when you first sign up. If that doesn’t work for you, try the seven-day free trial, instead.

Full Episodes of Fixer Upper on PlayStation Vue – Free Trial

Another great way to watch Fixer Upper is with PlayStation Vue. HGTV comes in the base package of this service, too, so there’s no wondering if you get Fixer Upper with your service. PlayStation Vue is a lot like Sling TV in that it uses internet technology to bring you the latest live television without cable. There are a few key differences to pay attention to, though.

Sling TV gives you a small base package of channels. From there you can choose to add on only the channels that you watch the most, for fees added onto the monthly base. This is unlike PlayStation Vue, which gives you a larger package of channels and expects you to pay for them with an entry-level price that can cost $30 or $40 dollars per month. In the collection of base channels, you get FOX, NBC, CBS and Comedy Central.

PlayStation Vue is constantly working to expand its services. It’s available in more locations than ever before. They’re also constantly working on the devices to add to the list of compatible devices. You can use a PlayStation console or an ipad or Fire TV.

Watch Individual Episodes

There are also a few places that you can purchase individual episodes of Fixer Upper. Vudo, Google Play, iTunes and Amazon Instant Video are all good places to look. If you want to watch the entire series you might be better off with Sling TV because it is likely more cost effective. Netflix might be a place to look for solo episodes, too.

Other Places To Stream HGTV Includes DirecTV now, Vudu, Apple TV & Hulu