F1 Live Stream – How to Watch F1 Online Without Cable


Formula One is a global sport with races being held in different countries all over the world. Fans make sure to watch as many races as possible no matter the location. This is now an easier feat thanks to the insurgence of video streaming services. As people continue to opt out of cable services, online live streaming continues to gain in popularity. Fortunately for Formula One fans, there are now several excellent options available for catching races from anywhere on any device. Here are the top picks for Formula One streaming:

Affordable Option: Sling TV

Launched in January of 2015, Sling TV has since taken the video streaming industry by storm Serving as one of the best alternatives to your cable network, Sling TV offers a ton of major cable channels that can be streamed from anywhere on any device. It has already grown to over 600 subscribers and is projected to continue to gain new customers.

With Sling TV you get all of the benefits of cable at a fraction of the cost. At just $20 a month for the basic package, this service provides live streaming of the top cable channels as well as on-demand content. When it comes to Formula One live streaming, you can access it on NBC and NBCSN, which are included in the $25 Sling Blue package. Sling TV is a similar service to Netflix and Hulu, but offers more features a much larger selection than both leading networks.

This service offers convenience and flexibility in the form of no contractual obligations and allowing users to cancel the service at any time. The basic package comes with top channels such as ESPN, CNN, Food Network, HGTV, ABC Family and more. Using this service, you can stream from computers, tablets, video game consoles, mobile phones, smart TVs, Roku and Apple TV.

If you are interested in using this service, you can visit the site and get a 7-day free trial to see if it meets your Formula One needs. Sling TV is also generous with deals, including T-Mobile data discounts, and discounts on both Apple TV and Roku products. This service is an excellent option for people who don’t have cable and still want to access a variety of channels while keeping up with all Formula One racing.

Slightly More Expensive: PlayStation Vue

Sony’s PlayStation Vue is a video streaming service created in March of 2015 and currently has over 100 thousand subscribers. For Formula One races, the Vue offering is identical to Sling TV, with access to NBC, NBCSN, CBS, ABC and FOX. However, PlayStation Vue is more expensive than SlingTV, with its cheapest plan offered at $39.99 monthly.

There are four Vue plans you can choose from: Access, Core, Elite and Ultra. Access provides over 60 channels, Core offers over 70, Elite offers over 100 and Ultra offers over 100 channels with the inclusion of HBO and Showtime. If your package is missing a certain program you want, you can opt for Standalone Channels. These channels are available at a minimum of $3.99 a month or more depending on the channel.

As of right now, you can access the service using PlayStation 3 and 4 consoles, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Android and iOS mobile phones and Chromecast. Sony is in the process of getting PlayStation Vue available on more devices to compete with options offered its competition.

As a fairly new company, PlayStation Vue is changing frequently and is expected to have even more improvements over the next year. Even though Vue is slightly more expensive than its competitors, it is still significantly cheaper than cable. This service is a good option to stay up to date on your Formula One races throughout the season. Visit the PlayStation Vue site to try a 7-day free trial and compare it to the SlingTV trial.

Formula One Specific: NOW TV

NOW TV, created by Sky cable network in Europe, offers everything a Formula One racing fan could want. NOW TV streams from all of the Sky Sports Channels and offers FIA Formula One World Championship racing live. There are three NOW TV packages you can choose from, either a Day Pass, Week Pass or a Month Pass, with prices varying from £6.99 to £31.99. With no contract necessary and streaming on over 60 different devices, NOW TV is ideal for Formula One fans.


Over-the-air antennas (OTA) allow for free watching of network broadcasting channels like NBC, CBS and FOX. You don’t need to have a cable network to use an OTA, and can still stream Formula One races. Before buying an antenna, make sure to research what over-the-air content is available locally to ensure it covers network that feature Formula One racing.

To really take advantage of over-the-air antennas, couple it with a DVR. You may be thinking that DVRs are a thing of the past, but they have some new advanced features that can prove useful with an OTA. You can buy a DVR with advanced features that will allow you to stream any recording through other devices, including tablets and mobile device. Top DVRs to use are TiVo Bolt, Tablo and Channel Master DVR+. The DVR and OTA combination work as a live streaming network similar to SlingTV and Vue by providing the convenience of watching Formula One from different devices.

There are many variations of OTAs on the market, including indoor and outdoor, directional or omnidirectional. Top recommendations to research are Mohu Leaf, Mohu Sky and Amazon Basics HDTV.

Online streaming has come a long way over the years and is now a convenience people continue to choose over cable. Formula One fans can rest assured that they are covered when it comes to catching every race online. Whether you choose to go for a full coverage TV alternative, like Sling TV, or you opt for a cheaper sports focused option like NOW TV, you will have guaranteed access to all of the races you want to see. If you’re not sure check out the free trials and see for yourself what these services have to offer. After that you can now decide to how you are going to watch the race.