How to Legally Watch ESPNU Online Free Without Cable

One of the most popular sports channels available today is ESPNU. The channel, owned by ESPN, is a joint enterprise of The Walt Disney Company and minority shareholder Hearst Corporation. When the sports experts at ESPN quickly realized how popular its college sports programming is among a wide fanbase, they decided to bring you the best of college sports with ESPNU. The network is all college sports, all the time.

More than half of the televisions in the United States receive ESPNU. The figure is about 63 percent of U.S. households that receive the channel. The channel airs a variety of sports, including basketball, hockey and even water polo. In addition to airing sports contests, the channel also offers a variety of commentary and highlights shows, including ESPNU and ESPNU Bracketology.

Serious Fans Love ESPNU

College sports are a great way for the community to come together. Some communities can’t wait to watch their team play a noted college rival, in state or in another state. Fans love to gather together to watch the big games on ESPNU, and they love to wear their spirit colors. No matter where you live in the United States, you want an ESPNU live stream that’s dependable, and that comes with just the television channels that you watch the most.

Watch ESPNU Without Cable on Sling TV

Making sure that you can watch ESPNU whenever you want doesn’t mean that you have to sign up for a costly cable bundle. Today, more and more college sports fans are catching an ESPNU live stream without having cable at all. In this modern era, you can cut the cable and still watch the best of college sports games and expert commentary with Sling TV.

Sling TV is the most affordable way to watch ESPNU on the market today. What’s even better is that Sling TV also ranks high in customer satisfaction because it allows you to choose what channels you want in low-priced groups. The base price is low, too, and you can choose the extra channels that you want to watch the most, starting at just $5 more per month, depending on the specific package.

Start With a Basic Package

When you sign on for Sling TV, you start by choosing a basic package. There are two you can choose from, the Blue package and the Orange package. ESPNU fans want to choose the Orange package. The base price for the orange package is only $20 per month. Although the Orange package alone doesn’t give you the ESPNU live stream, it comes with many of the most popular channels in a small base package of channels that include A&E, CNN, Comedy Central, TBS, TNT and the Travel Channel.

From there, you can select only the add-on packages that give you the channels that you want to watch the most. This is how you get ESPNU. Choose the Sports Extra package. This costs you only $5 per month more than the Sling TV base Orange package. The Sports Extra upgrade not only gives you ESPNU but also a large collection of the most popular sports add-on channels such as Campus Insiders, ESPN Bases Loaded, ESPN News, NBA TV, SEC Network and NHL Network.

Sling TV Brings You Internet Streaming

Sling TV works by bringing you the best in television channels using internet streaming. If you have an internet connection and a compatible device to watch shows, that’s all you need in order to use Sling TV. Since the service began in 2015, it has quickly grown to approximately one million monthly subscribers. Sling TV constantly looks to add new channels and features to its cutting-edge service.

No Commitment

When you sign up for Sling TV, there’s never a commitment. You’re no longer stuck under long cable contracts that your cable company measures in terms of years. Sling TV knows that’s not your style, so they let you sign on for as long or for as little as you like.

In fact, you can buy just one month and then cancel your service. That’s how sure Sling TV is that they have a great product. There’s nothing to sign, and you pay as you go. That’s the Sling TV no-hassle promise.

Incentives for New Subscribers Free Trial

If you’re sure that you like Sling TV, there are a couple of great offers for you. When you sign on for service lasting at least three months, Sling TV throws in a free streaming device. It’s a Roku 2. This is what you need to watch Sling TV on your television set. Usually, a Roku 2 cost $70 but it’s your free with this offer.

Alternatively, if you’re not as sure about Sling TV, Sling TV wants to give you a chance to try it out. You can use the service absolutely free for seven days. After that you can keep it only if you’re seriously impressed. Just like the month-to-month service, there’s no obligation.

Compatible Devices

Another way that Sling TV stands out from other available streaming services is the large number of compatible devices that you can use to watch Sling TV. You aren’t just limited to one device or type of player. You can watch ESPNU and the other great Sling TV shows with Chromecast, Roku, Amazon Fire TV and Xbox One. You also can watch from any computer with an internet browser and an internet connection. When you travel away from home, you can use your Sling TV service with any smartphone. It works with both Android and iOS.

Online Services – DirecTV Now, Hulu, Playstation Vue

Another great way to watch ESPNU with Sling TV is online when you’re on the go. You can log in to the WatchESPN App with your Sling TV credentials. It’s really that easy. You can access your benefits on the road when you travel, too. You could literally watch the game while you’re sitting at the game. Wherever you go, Sling TV, the internet and a compatible viewing device are your ticket to the best in ESPNU live streaming and college sports programming.

Today, cable just doesn’t make the cut. There are better ways to watch ESPNU without ever getting stuck calling the cable company. Sling TV’s streaming services let you select only the channels you want, with lots of great features like mobile streaming and optimum devices compatibility. Enjoy watching your favorite college team on the road to victory.

Other services like DirecTV Now, Hulu and Playstation Vue also live streams content from ESPNU.