How to Watch Live ESPN3 Online Free Without Cable

In the mid-2000s, ESPN launched ESPN360, an online-exclusive channel that provided complete access to both live sporting events and replays of events that have already been broadcast live on ESPN. Re-launched as ESPN3 in 2010, the channel now airs countless events from all over the world every year. What’s more, it also allows its users to re-watch events that have already been aired for up to 30 days.

“So what could be better?” one might ask. Well now, it is possible for you to watch ESPN3 online – without having to have a cable subscription!

The ESPN live streaming service, just as its cable counterpart offers a variety of sports on live stream, from college sports (such as football and basketball), to professional tennis, and soccer championships, among so many others. In addition to all of this, it also airs sporting events that are exclusive to ESPN3, as well as live sports that have been aired on ABC, thus giving you a great opportunity to catch-up on your favorite games if you’re on the go and/or don’t get ABC at home. This includes many different types of sports contents, from college football match-ups to the NBA Finals.

Up until recently, one the biggest reasons why people refrained from cutting their cable was the lack of availability of other alternative options that they could use to watch their favorite sports. But with quite a number of legal streaming options available these days, it is now possible to watch ESPN3 online even if you don’t have cable.

The following are the various options that are available to in this regard. Read on to find out more!


Easily the best option to watch ESPN3 online, Sling TV is indeed our personal recommendation. Launched in early-2015 as a part of the Dish Network, Sling TV is a streaming service which allows its users to live stream a wide range of popular cable channels. Delivered via the internet, the service does not require any contract.

Due to having a substantial sports offering, Sling TV has separated kept itself separate from other streaming offers. The service has a Basic Orange package, which offers channels like ESPN. ESPN2, and ESPN3, among others.

The best thing about the service, however, is the fact that ESPN3-fans can watch the channel directly without having to log into the WatchESPN app due to the channel being integrated straight into Sling’s guide – alongside the other traditional linear channels.

Extremely affordable at a basic package rate of $20 a month, the service (as already mentioned) does not require any contract, allowing you to cancel as and when you please. It has several add-on packages which you can subscribe to to gain access to certain other channels. One such add-on is the Sports Extra Package, which offers channels such as the SEC Network, ESPNU, ESPNews, and SEC Network+, among others at a nominal rate of $5 per month in addition to your base package.

Having given its subscribers the ability to watch a plethora of sports channels legally, Sling TV has gained immense popularity, especially among cord-cutters. Thanks to Sling TV, you can now watch ESPN3 by live streaming it on your Roku, Apple TV, or even your computer without having to relentlessly search online for looking for live streams that are both legal and of good quality.

And as if this wasn’t enough, Sling TV also has quite a number of generous deals under its belt, such as:

  • A Roku streaming device for free upon 3 months prepayment for Sling TV
  • A heavily discounted Apple TV upon 3 months prepayment for Sling TV
  • 30% discount exclusively for subscribers of T-Mobile; and A free 7-day trial for interested parties
    (N.B: While these are indeed active at the time this article has been written, they may change from one time to another. To know the most recent sign-up offer, click here.

Still not convinced? Read our review on Sling TV here, and try out Sling TV for 7 days at no charge and get to know about all the services and benefits for yourself!


Apart from the fantastic quality and affordable price, the best thing about Sling TV is the comprehensive roster of channels that it provides as a part of its basic subscription. In addition to the aforementioned ESPN family of networks, you can also live stream other popular channels such as CNN, AMC, TBS, TNT, HGTV, Food Network, and Travel Channel, among others.

With the basic package consisting of 25+ channels, Sling TV has indeed done a great job deciding which channels should be a part of it. For just $20 per month, the deal is indeed pretty great!


Accessible from most major devices, a standard Sling TV subscription gives you access to live stream ESPN3 on any of your preferred devices, which is fantastic. You can, therefore watch ESPN3 by live streaming it from your living room.

ESPN3 can be accessed using Sling on a wide variety of devices, from Apple TV and Roku, Amazon Fire Tablet, Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick, Xbox One or even Google Chromecast. You can also stream access from your Android and iOS mobile devices, as well as your computer.


Besides Sling TV, you can also live stream ESPN3 online legally without a cable subscription in certain ways.

One such option is via. Internet Service Providers (ISPs). Since is known to have provided some internet providers access to ESPN3 online, you can check out if your provider’s name falls on that list. In case it does, you can then watch ESPN3 either on Xbox using the Xbox Live Gold membership or directly online on the website of WatchESPN. Remember though, that you will not be able to watch the other channels under WatchESPN. Though not as great as Sling TV, it is still a decent option if you want to watch ESPN3 online without cable!

Other than that, you can also live stream ESPN3 via DirecTV Now and PlayStation Vue. Streaming services much on the lines of Sling TV, they however have a rate far more higher than Sling TV. What’s more, they do not embed ESPN3 in their guides, which means that you will have to login to the WatchESPN app using your own credentials to stream ESPN3.

In case we have missed anything regarding live streaming ESPN3, you can leave your comments below, and we will make sure to get back to you and help you live stream ESPN3 on your favorite devices. Additionally, do go through our sports streaming guide on how to watch sports online!