How to Watch ESPN2 Online Without Cable For Free

Some of the best sports programming is on ESPN2. The channel airs the most popular sports contests from around the world including the Masters and the U.S. Open. There are also plenty of NBA games, Major League Baseball, football and college sports to keep you happy. It’s no wonder the channel is popular with sports fans across the United States.

For serious sports fans, ESPN2 is a must have. Cable, however, is not. While ESPN2 used to be a cable exclusive, you can get it with your internet connection now. There are lots of different providers you can use to access the ESPN2 live stream. You don’t need cable for any of them, and it’s legal to use these cutting-edge, modern services. Read more and join the millions of people who watch using the ESPN2 live stream.

Stream ESPN2 Live on DirecTV NOW Including Free Trial

One streaming service that you can use to watch ESPN2 online is DirecTV NOW. The way this service works is by charging you a monthly fee. You use a fast internet connection to watch the included channel of your choice. It’s a live video feed just like watching any other video feed or embedded video online.

You can watch on your computer or a smartphone. You can also watch on a television, but to do that you need a streaming device such as a Roku. There is no minimum terms of service contract, and there’s a free trial if you want to try it out.

Users report that the base package of channels is quite large. It’s available for $35. There is a package called the Go Big package that is $60 per month. For that price you get more than 100 channels. There are periodic specials where you can get the Go Big package for a limited period for the lower price.

Watch Sports with Sling TV (Free Trial)

The best way to access the ESPN2 live stream for the least amount of money is with Sling TV. It’s a similar service to DirecTV Now in that it uses the internet to bring you streamed television content. The major difference is that Sling TV has a very basic package of channels that’s available at a super low price. It’s just $20 per month for the twenty-five or so channels included in the package. ESPN2 is one of those channels, so if that’s all you’re looking for, you can pay just $20 per month for paid television using internet streaming. Make sure you select the orange base package instead of the blue base package to get the ESPN2 live stream.

For the most serious sports fans, Sling TV deserves a second look because it also has the Sports Extra package. This is a $5 add-on with the monthly bill, and it gives you even more ESPN and other channels. Channels included in the extra group are ESPNU, ESPNews and the SEC Network.

There are other extra packages based on interest groups. Movie lovers, kids and lifestyle enthusiasts can find extra packages that meet their needs. You can add these packages onto your base package for $5 to $15 each. This way, you get just the channels you want at your preferred price. Make changes to the package selection at any time. You can keep the service for as long as you want it and then cancel without penalties.

PlayStation Vue Live Streams ESPN2 Free

One more option for you to see ESPN2 without cable is PlayStation Vue. Again, this service uses the internet to bring you paid television, and you don’t need cable or the cable company. The price is higher than the other two options, at $29.99 or even $39.99. The exact price depends on your location because your location determines the number of channels in the base package. Regardless of the location, this service includes the most channels in the base package, compared to the other streaming services available.

There are limitations on streaming away from home. That means that this service might be best for people who plan to watch mostly at home. The service is compatible on the tv screen with more than just a PlayStation console, although that’s what it is designed for. You can watch with your Chromecast, Roku, Android or other streaming device.

Like the other services to use the ESPN2 live stream, you keep PlayStation Vue only for as long as you want the service. There are no fees to cancel. PlayStation Vue constantly makes upgrades to service features, and they work on making the service compatible with more and more streaming devices.

Sign Up to HULU To Stream ESPN2

Hulu partially owned by the Walt Disney Company is a new live TV service that’s similar to Sling TV in that it broadcast a ton of channels including ESPN2, ESPNU, ESPN and more. Hulu although new to the live TV industry have very competitive packages and really good video quality.