How To Watch ESPN Online Free Without A Cable

One of the best channels for sports fans is without a doubt ESPN. For many years, it has been the go-to channel to watch for anything sports related. But for those of you who has decided to cut the cord on cable, losing ESPN is a big deal. But luckily, there are a few ways to legally watch ESPN online with any type of cable subscription. We have created a guide that goes over a few of the online streaming services that allows you to start watching ESPN streams online.

Watch ESPN Online Using DIRECTV NOW (Free Trial)

One of the best ways to watch ESPN online without any cable subscriptions is through DIRECTV NOW. For sports fans across the nation, this streaming service is without a doubt one of the best investments you can make in regards to having an affordable cable alternative.

It features not only ESPN, but many cable channels that you can watch at any time. Some of the most popular channels include: ESPN, FOX, NBC, AMC, MTV, A&E, MSNBC, BBC America, CNN, Cartoon Network and many other amazing channels. Another great feature that many subscribers like about DIRECTV NOW is that it includes plenty of local channels in many markets across the nation.

And not only that, they also provide access to its huge library of on-demand shows and movies. And while this is a great deal for sports fans, if you’re also into movies, there’s a few packages you may be interested in! You can easily add HBO or Cinemax movie channels for just $5 per month each.

The price for DIRECTV NOW streaming service starts at $35 a month. The price can increase a bit but only depending on how many add-on packages you chose to add. You can use DIRECTV NOW to watch ESPN on a majority of streaming devices currently on the market including the popular Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast and even smartphones and tablets.

Also, there’s a special promotion going on right now that allows you to try DIRECTV NOW free for 7 days. This way you can watch ESPN and any other sports channel for an entire week to see if it’s something you would want to sign up monthly for. And if you sign up after you’re done with the 7-day free trial, there are a couple of specials you can take advantage of.

For instance, If you chose to prepay for your DIRECTV NOW service for the entire first month, you can get an Amazon Fire TV for free. And if you chose to prepay for 3 months, you can get a free Apple TV. And currently, DIRECTV NOW doesn’t have any type of mobile restrictions so you can watch your favorite ESPN shows while on the go!

Use Sling TV to Watch ESPN Online Stream

For the millions of sports fans nationwide, Sling TV is easily one of the best ways to watch ESPN online and also many other channels dedicated to sports. No matter what type of sports shows you enjoy watching, you’ll be able to find something to watch with just the sheer number of channels Sling TV features.

Switching to Sling TV is one of the most affordable ways to watch any of the sports channels you used to watch before you decided to cut the cord on cable. Matter of fact, the main reason why so many cable cord cutters decide to go with Sling TV is because even once you add plenty of add-on channel packages, you will still end up paying much less than if you would try to get the same channels with cable. There are also a nice amount of useful features Sling TV offers, with the main one being the ability to use it on any popular mobile device on the market today.

Some of the best features offered by Sling TV for subscribers include: Various package options including a 20+ channel package and a 30+ channel package. The base package start at just $20 a month, so for just $20 you get access to the entire family of EPSN channels including ESPN, ESPN2 and ESPN3.

This is an amazing deal for sports fans because you get to watch 3 of the best sports channels at an affordable price, especially compared to the price you would pay for a similar channel lineup with cable. And unlike cable, you don’t have to deal with annoying long-term contracts and cancellation fees. As a matter of fact, you can simply cancel whenever you want.

Also, you have the option of either watching ESPN live or you can watch your favorite sports shows later with the on-demand feature. You can use Sling TV on any of the latest devices including smartphones and tablets, so watching on the go is no problem.

Also, keep in mind that in addition to all of the sports channels you get with Sling TV, you can also watch 20 of the best cable channels. So no matter what type of television shows you like to watch, there is a channel you will definitely be interested in. And if it’s not available with the base package, you can simply use add-ons to add as many channel packages as you want! And also, as we mentioned earlier, you can use Sling TV to watch ESPN anytime or anywhere! All you need is a decent internet connection.

You also get plenty of options in regards to using Sling TV streaming service. For example, you can use Apple TV or Roku TV to use the streaming service. It’s also compatible with your smart TV, smartphone, laptop, desktop and tablet! With the large number of ways to watch, there’s certainly a way for you to watch your games regardless of where you are! You can also get a free Roku 2 or a $60 discount on Apple TV if you prepay for 3 months.

Use The Playstation Vue to Watch ESPN Online Stream

The PlayStation Vue is streaming service that is similar to Sling TV. You get access to quite a few popular channels including ESPN. So for those of you with a Playstation 4, and you also decided to cut the cord on cable, you can easily watch ESPN using the awesome new streaming service. The price starts at just $29.99 a month and is compatible with a few devices including PS3/PS4 gaming consoles, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast and Roku

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