What is DirecTV Now? Free Trial, Cost, TV Shows & Packages

DirecTV Now is a new service that is being offered by AT&T. The introduction of this new streaming service comes with a promotional give away of Apple TV and Fire TV devices to those that sign up. Any customers who sign up for at least three months of the DirecTV Now service will receive a free Fire TV streaming device, making it an excellent opportunity to seize on.

There currently is a seven-day free trial to try DirecTV Now as well. At thirty-five dollars a month, DirecTV Now has more than a hundred channels available in its video on demand library as well as the video on demand library containing up to fourteen thousand titles available for users.

Channel Lineup

Partnered channels include networks from: Disney, NBCUniversal, Viacom, Scripps, A&E Networks, HBO, Discovery and Starz. They have also paired with Univision networks like: Galavision, UniMas, Univision, Fox, MundoFox, HDnet Movies, the Hallmark Channel, the Sony Movie Channel, and CBS. Of course, these are just the networks that are currently available.

DirecTV Now is absolutely heading for expansion the more it grows, and AT&T have made no secret about their plans to eventually offer more to their users on top of an already great deal. There is no confirmation yet how many additional networks may sign on nor how many additional channels might be offered with more upgraded packages from the base subscription, but AT&T has alluded that it will be impressive.


The thirty-five monthly subscription fee is the starting point for DirecTV Now packages, which begins with a base package. Additional prices may come into play if users choose to add on more channels and networks. Currently absent is ESPN, though customers can easily sign into ESPN’s collection of apps by using their DirecTV login information.

This isn’t one hundred percent solidified yet and might change as the DirecTV Now service expands and grows, but is an available option for the time being. The available channels are also slated to grow and possibly change in line-up options the more DirecTV Now develops. For its launch, there are more than enough options and features to satisfy anyone looking for an excellent TV streaming service for a fair price.

The option to add more channels and networks on is also a notable feature and, for small additional costs, one that any user can take advantage of, depending on how they want their video on demand library to be arranged and look.

Fortunately, DirecTV Now also comes with unlimited mobile data for TV viewing, as announced by AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson. The service is delivered wirelessly no matter where the user is, making it simple to sign in and access their video on demand or channels no matter their location. The market is set to boom with customers for DirecTV Now.

DirecTV vs Sling TV

Compared to other services like Sling TV, DirecTV Now aims to undercut most of the industry standards for the current choices of live-streaming TV providers. Sling TV currently charges twenty dollars (USD) for twenty-five channels. It’s most boisterous package has fifty channels for a total of forty dollars per month. Sling TV is the lowest price competitor at the moment, but has significantly less channels and services available when compared to DirecTV Now.

The technical experience is assuredly fast and simple when compared to other services as well. With AT&T being the driving force behind this new technology, DirecTV arrives in the form of an app that makes the experience painless for users. Other providers, again referring to Sling TV, have seen significant technical issues throughout its inception and use, as noted by many of its users.

The technological superiority of DirecTV Now, as well as its offering of channels and services, seems entirely prepped to blow other service providers like Sling TV, and Playstation Vue out of the water, though all of the details haven’t been one hundred percent cemented yet.

DirecTV Now also does not lock its users into an annual contract like Sling TV or Netflix, for example, do. It is set to be pay-as-you-go, in a sense, and users will be able to pay for exactly what they want in addition to whatever DirecTV Now package they start out with.

The wireless delivery is set to run on AT&T’s 5G network as well, which has been presented as an alternative to broadband. Because DirecTV Now doesn’t rely on any kind of cable box or hardware outside of your own mobile device or PCs, this makes it exceptionally easy to take it wherever you want and still receive pristine service without the stuttering or buffering typically associated with Netflix or Sling TV.

In short, users can expect a phenomenal experience from DirecTV Now. With over one hundred channels available and able to be streamed effortlessly over a wireless connection, provided by AT&T’s 5G network and with unlimited mobile data on their part, it is definitely a technology that has all the ingredients to put other providers like Sling TV, Netflix and Playstation Vue to shame.

It is superior in price, delivery and the amount that it can offer its customers, and also allows for a seven-day trial and a free Fire TV stick for those who commit to three months. All-in-all, DirecTV Now is already rising to be an amazing deal for those looking to find a TV streaming service that offers plentiful channels and options as well as unlimited mobile data and fast, reliable wireless connections. AT&T is poised to deliver an all-around better service for much cheaper than its competitors, and seem ready to undercut the rest of the industry.

DirecTV Now is poised to blow the competition out of the water, without any question. It has all the right elements to take competitors like Sling TV and Playstation Vue down with its superior pricing and technical aspects. It is a brand new service, but one that seems to have all the right ingredients to sweep customers across the nation, if not the world, and grow a committed user base who will undoubtedly enjoy this new TV streaming service as well as their free Apple TV or Fire TV sticks. Time will surely tell.