Watch New Jersey Devils Online Without Cable Free

After a few moves around the country, the New Jersey Devils found their home in the Eastern Conference of the NHL. The team has made great improvements since their relocation to Newark’s Prudential Center. There are no other NHL teams in New Jersey and not even many professional sports teams nearby. This makes the Devils important to residents of New Jersey and fans all over the world.

Fans want to make sure they know what their team is up to before and after each game. Win or lose, Devils wants want to make sure that they see every play and every game. The Devils have made it to the Stanley Cup Finals lots of times, and fans want to know if this is going to be the year.

The good news is that, today, there are new ways to tune in. You don’t have to have a cable subscription to watch the Devils game tonight. If you have the internet, that’s all you need. Instead of fumbling through confusing cable packages with long-term contracts that you don’t even want, Devils fans are upgrading to new, modern ways to watch television.

What is Streaming Television?

Streamed television harnesses the power of the internet connection that you already have to bring you the best in television viewing. These channels play live, so it feels exactly like watching cable, but only in the good ways. It’s different in that you have more options for devices to watch on than just a television.

You can watch on your phone and computer, in addition to a television. To watch on a television, you need a streaming device to pick up the internet. There are lots of different companies that produce these, many with long histories in the television and technology business.

Sign Up to Sling TV To Watch Devils Game Tonight Free

Perhaps the best place to start if you want to watch the Devils game tonight is with Sling TV. This service comes to you from Dish Network and Blockbuster. In just a couple of years, the service has grown to more than a million subscribers.

The service is quite simple. You need the internet, and you sign up for a base package of channels. While all the great channels are included, there are only twenty or twenty-five channels included in the base package, depending on which one you select. From there, you can add on additional packages until you’re at the price and the package that you’re happy with.

Sling TV has done away with television contracts. Keep your service for one month if you want to. You can change your packages whenever you feel like it, too. There is a seven-day free trial if you’re not sure what this is all about. There are also bonus offers that let you get discounts on other services.

The Sling TV blue package of base channels is $25 per month. The good news is that you get NBCSN and this channel airs lots of New Jersey Devils games each year. There are differences in the base packages for sports channels that they offer, but both base packages offer many sports channels. Read the full list of base channels to make sure the package is right for you.

Live Stream Devils Hockey Game PlayStation Vue

Another way that you can watch the Devils game tonight is with PlayStation Vue. This service is similar to Sling TV because it offers internet-streamed television. PlayStation Vue offers more channels in the base package, which makes the price higher than Sling TV. It’s $30 or $40 per month for the lowest level, and there are higher levels of channels that you can buy, too.

The service is mostly for watching at home. One way it tops Sling TV is that you’re more likely to get local channels if you live in a large city with PlayStation Vue. Mobile viewing is more restricted than it is with Sling TV, so you have to decide what features you prefer the most.

NHL Gamecenter

NHL has a streaming service, too. If you don’t live in New Jersey or the local area, this is the best bet. Local blackouts stop you from watching the service in the local area where the Devils play.

You can buy by the game, follow the team of your choice, or you can buy the entire NHL. Games are available right after the teams play. You can watch on television with a streaming device or you can watch on a phone or computer.

Antenna Television

Finally, you can see a few games each year for free on television. You need an antenna. Local channels broadcast the games over the airways. Anyone who has an HD antenna and an HD television can pick up the broadcasts. Unless you have a DVR, you have to watch the games as they air.