Daily Burn Reviews: How Much Does it Cost?

We’re smarter today that we were fifty years ago. Today people know that diet and exercise are the key to a long, happy life. Savvy people from all walks of life and all ages are constantly looking for new ways to stay fit.

Daily Burn is one way that a lot of people find tips and motivation to stay fit. Millions and millions of people use the video-streaming television service that brings you fitness and diet tips. Some of the leaders in the modern fitness industry, like the founder of P90X, call the video service home. Many people use the service in addition to, or as a replacement for, their gym membership.

A Daily Burn Service Reviews

With Daily Burn’s popularity soaring, you’re probably wondering if the service has something for you. The DailyBurn cost is a question for many people, as they wonder if the service’s price is worth it. Keep reading for a DailyBurn review and for what you need to know about this cutting-edge fitness information service. With millions of satisfied customers, you can likely find something you like to keep you motivated to stay fit.

You Don’t Need a DVD

Too often, when people think of workout videos or fitness tips, they think of buying a DVD, only to wonder if it’s going to meet their needs. Fortunately, DailyBurn is an internet-based, video streaming service. There’s no DVD required. In fact, considering it like Netflix only for people who are serious about their workouts and fitness.

What Exactly Is DailyBurn?

DailyBurn is a database of hundreds of pre-recorded workouts. You can choose one and workout to it. There are a variety of exercise types so there is something for everyone. There are workouts that consist of passive stretching. You can do yoga for hours and hours. There are resistance-training workouts that train your muscles. Any DailyBurn review likely contains a resounding approval of the variety of workouts that you get with this service. Also, the service promises at least one new workout each day, so you don’t get bored and your muscles don’t get used to the workouts.

How Does It Work?

DailyBurn works by providing its fees for a monthly subscription fee. You pay the fee and then you get free access to all of the workouts whenever you want to use them. Sometimes the video is all you need and other times you need to have bands, weights or other exercise equipment. You can find plenty of workouts, though, for just the equipment that you have.

Highlights of the Service

Although there is something for everyone, the service has a few headliners. Black Fire is a popular feature workout of the service. Bob Harper leads this workout program, and it’s two months of series training specifically intended to get you in better shape. Anja, Judi and Keaira lead Cardio Sculpt. Their program is meant to help you lose weight and tone your muscles with a low key, easy workout. Yoga Made Simple is another fan favorite. Briohny Smith leads this month-long yoga program. It helps you improve flexibility and strengthen muscles. It is easy to follow. There are many other popular workout series. You can do one program or bounce around.

How Much Does it Cost

The monthly DailyBurn price is $12.95 per month. For that price you get the entire library of videos for your workout selection. The monthly DailyBurn cost includes the new video they upload each day. The cost does not include purchasing your own exercise equipment, though. That means if you need fitness equipment or weights, you have to buy those yourself. Keep this in mind when you think through the pros and cons of whether this service is right for you.

Fitness Advice

Along with the workout videos, the service gives you information on healthy living. There is also information for serious fitness trainers. You can find information on the latest and greatest fitness supplements. There are options to purchase supplements through DailyBurn, too, if you like one-stop shopping. Since fitness experts produce DailyBurn, they know that exercise alone isn’t enough to keep you healthy, so they include information about lifestyle and healthy nutrition, too.

How to Use DailyBurn

You probably want to stream DailyBurn to a large television set for your workouts. If you have a Roku, get the DailyBurn Roku app and you’re good to go. Apple TV has their own app for the service, as does Chromecast. There is also a mobile app available for both Android and iOS.

Try It Before you Buy It (Free Trial)

DailyBurn offers one of the most generous trial periods in internet streaming services today. You can use the service for free for thirty days. Try several different types of workout programs during the trial period so that you can see all that they have to offer.