How to Watch Columbus Blue Jackets Games Tonight Free Without Cable

Anyone with a connection to Columbus probably has a soft spot for the Columbus Blue Jackets. This professional NHL team is the pride of the Buckeye State. When it comes to college and professional sports, Ohio does it right. From Cleveland’s famed Indians MLB team to The Ohio State University’s football and gymnastics programs, Ohio athletics are not to be missed. The Columbus Blue Jackets are no exception.

Watch the Columbus Blue Jackets Without Cable

Television and technology have improved quickly over the last decade. There’s no reason that the way you watch television can’t change with the times, too. Cables are old school, and fans are turning to new technology to watch the Blue Jackets game tonight.

Using the power of your internet connection, you can pull down a live stream of your favorite television channels. This is completely legal, and the television channels themselves are thrilled about the new services. There are big-name providers that are behind these new services. The packages are less expensive than cable and they offer you more of a say over your service.

Sling TV Live Stream Blues Game Tonight Free

If you’re looking for the Blue Jackets game tonight, Sling TV is a great place to start. The company that put this service together is Dish Network. This service started small in 2015 and quickly grew until it had more than one million people tuning in each month across the country.

There are two base packages of channels, and you have to choose one. They are the blue package for $25 per month and the orange package for $20 per month. If you want the Blue Jackets game tonight, choose the blue package, because it has NBCSN. The orange package has a lot of sports programming, too, but it is mostly ABC and ESPN focused, while the blue package has NBC and FOX sports programming.

From there, you can add on extra channel packages. Get a news interest group of channels for $5 more each month. You can get HBO and Starz for a little bit extra, too. There are lots of different add-on options for $5 to $15 each month. Choose as many as you want.

Sling TV wants you to sign up, so they offer you a few deals to make it happen. T-Mobile customers get a percentage discount that makes the base price even less. You can agree to use the service for three months and you get a Roku 2 for free, or alternatively, select a Roku 3 or Apple TV at a discount. There’s a seven-day trial if you prefer.

PlayStation Vue

PlayStation Vue is powered by Sony. It’s also an internet-based television streaming service, but there are a few key differences. On the upside, you get more channels included in the base package. You pay $30 or $40 to get in on the ground floor, but you get lots and lots of channels for that price. If channels are what you’re looking for, PlayStation Vue might be the more cost-effective option. You can buy even bigger packages, too.

The downside is that there is no compatibility for Apple TV. Compatibility with streaming devices is one of the key complaints about this service. There are also restrictions on trying to use the service away from home, so it’s best for New Jersey Blue Devils fans that want to stay put.

NHL Gamecenter

For New Jersey Blue Devils fans that live outside of the New Jersey area, you might want to checkout NHL Gamecenter. This comes straight from the NHL. If you don’t want other television channels or you want to watch each and every game in one place, NHL Gamecenter might be a good option. Local blackouts make this unfeasible if you live in the local area.

You can pay for a service that gives you on-demand access to each and every New Jersey Blue Devils game all year. For a higher price you can watch all the teams, all year. There are single-game options, too. Find the games on demand shortly after they occur.

Watch On Free Television

One more option for you is to use a television antenna to pick up the broadcast of the games for free. Coverage is spotty, so if you want to see every game predictably, this isn’t the option for you. If it meets your needs, the good news is that it is absolutely free if you live close enough to the broadcast signal to pick up the game.