How to Legally Watch colorado Football Online Without Cable

It’s sure to be another strong season for the Colorado Buffaloes football team. The University of Colorado Buffaloes hail from the Pac-12 Conference, having made several conference changes over the years. Folsom Field has been home to the University of Colorado’s football team since 1924. Called the Buffs for short, the football team has an all-time winning record, and they claimed a national championship in 1990.

The team is especially noted for its ability to convert on a fourth down. Throughout the years, The Buffaloes have enjoyed success against their biggest rivals, the University of Nebraska, Colorado State and Utah. Bowl appearances for Colorado include the Cotton Bowl and the Alamo Bowl. Player Rashaan Salaam won the Heisman Trophy in 1994, and many other players notched votes for the same recognition over the years.

The University of Colorado has four campuses across Colorado. Its graduates go on to become leaders in economics, business and the sciences throughout the State of Colorado, the United States and the world. The University has a number of professional schools. Educational opportunities include these professional schools as well as the liberal arts.

For fans, alumni and honored friends of the University of Colorado and the Colorado Buffaloes football team, it’s unacceptable to settle for anything less than the best. For this reason, University of Colorado fans seek out the best ways to stay on top of all of the Buffaloes football news, whether they’re watching from Folsom Field or they’re far away from their alma mater.

Fans of the University of Colorado know what so many other people are quickly finding out: You can ditch the cable contract and still have access to great, high-quality television with new streaming services. Read on to find out how much less you can spend for subscription television services while still keeping up on all of the Colorado Buffaloes football action.

Sling TV is a Cutting-Edge Service For Live Colorado Football Streaming

One of the best ways to catch your favorite team in action with with a subscription to Sling TV. This is a revolutionary service that puts the power to choose in the hands of the consumer. Basic service starts at just $20 per month, but this service includes access to the most popular cable channels that you otherwise find in pricey cable contracts.

As part of the $20 basic service, users can choose from the basic Orange package and the basic Blue package. The Orange package includes the ABC family of channels. This means that you get any ABC-broadcast Colorado football games streamed right to your device. You can access these games anywhere you happen to find yourself with an internet connection and one of a wide range of compatible devices.

The Orange package also includes the ESPN network of channels, including ESPN, ESPN2 and ESPN3. For fans with families, or for fans wanting to take a break from their dedication to Colorado sports, subscribers can change the channel to Disney or Freeform. Both of these channels are included with the basic Orange package.

The basic Blue package includes access to many of NBC’s fine channels, including NBC and NBC Sports Network. The package also includes the best in Fox Sports programming, including Fox Sports 1, Fox Sports 2, Fox Sports Networks. The basic Blue package includes the NFL Network for sports fans that want to follow Colorado football as well as professional football.

Sling TV knows that you want to see your Colorado Buffaloes whenever they play, so they offer a Sports Extra package. This package is an optional add on to your basic service. The package costs only $5 per more each month and it includes ESPN News, PAC 12 Network and ESPNU. You can try it out with a seven day free trial. For fans willing to sign up for three months of service, you get a discount on Apple TV or a free Roku streaming device.

Use PlayStation Vue, Hulu & DirecTV To Watch PAC 12 Games Live

PlayStation Vue competes with Sling TV for the hearts and business of the University of Colorado’s biggest fans. PlayStation Vue is a lot like Sling TV, but there are important differences. PlayStation Vue streams efficiently to your television, but it’s harder to move the service away from the base device than it is with Sling TV’s more portable service. The service uses a PlayStation console or another compatible device such as a Roku. PlayStation Vue is not compatible with Apple TV.

Fans pay a base fee of $30 to get in on the ground floor. This service, like Sling TV, includes access to ESPN’s basic channels. Subscribers do not sign a contract, and they can cancel their service without hassle whenever they want to do so. The service comes with a mobile app, but some subscribers grumble that it’s not easy to use the service on other devices.

Use DirecTV Now to stream live content without any stipulations. With DirecTV Now you can stream live games online your phone, computer or tablet. DirecTV Now is more similar to Sling TV than Vue as the portability is the service is really easy. The cost for DirecTV Now is around $35 for 100 channels which includes ESPN, ESPNU, ESPN2 and ESPNews.

Hulu starts at around $40 per month and includes the entire ESPN channels like ESPN2, ESPNU, ESPNews, and more. Hulu also allows users to stream on-demand video and major networks like ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC.

Watch Colorado Games Free with an Indoor Antenna

Don’t forget that traditional broadcast networks like ABC and CBS broadcast the biggest games on the old-fashioned airways. These services are absolutely free to anyone who is in the range to pick up one of the channels. To do this, use a television set and an over the air antenna. You can buy a functional antenna from a big box store or from a specialty technology store.

To enhance your broadcast experience, you can use a Tablo DVR to add options and functionality to television that comes to you over the airways. This is a service that allows you to record what’s on broadcast television and watch it later. This allows you to watch the Colorado Buffaloes when it’s a good time for you.

With so many options, fans can get all of the best plays from the University of Colorado’s football team. There are streaming services that allow fans to see their favorite Buffaloes football team streamed live to their big-screen television.

Optional features allow subscribers to add their other favorite channels. There is no contract to sign with these services, because the providers are confident that their fine service keeps you coming back, month after month. In addition to these services, broadcast television with a Tablo DVR is a great way to bring the game into your home. Now, you can win with streaming while you watch the University of Colorado’s football team win, too.