How to Watch CNN Without Cable

Ask anyone—I’m addicted to CNN. A previous journalism major in college, I love to know what’s going on all throughout the world. Personally I love the analysis more than anything, but none of this matters. What matters is that you want to watch CNN but lack a cable subscription. No longer is this a problem! Turn into the following websites and you’ll be able to see Anderson Cooper take on corrupt politicians and cover the latest headlines.

Watch CNN on DirecTV Now For Free

CNN has found a streaming partner that caters to cord cutter, and its called DirecTV Now. This streaming service has three different bundle pack starting at a reasonable $35. In order to access CNN live stream you’ll need to subscribe to the ‘Live a Little’ bundle pack on DirecTV Now.

The ‘Live a Little’ bundle pack will run you around $35 per month, which isn’t much compared to the cable and satellite companies ever increasing prices. With the ‘Live a Little ‘ package, you will also gain access to MTV, MTV2, Nick Jr, TNT, NBC and for an extra five bucks you can stream HBO live.

Watch CNN Live on Playstation Vue

Many people don’t realize that PlayStation has entered the online streaming industry with the creation of Playstation Vue (Playstaion Vue Review?). Vue has three different packages that has a set number of channels that you can stream online without cable. To watch CNN Live, you must subscribe to the ‘Access’ bundle pack, which will run you around $30-$35 per month (price varies per location).

With the ‘Access’ plan, you will be able to watch ESPN and ESPN2 live online without cable. You can even stream Vue for free for 7 days. Vue streaming service is not just limited to the playstation console, you can stream Vue on Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Amazon Fire Stick and Google Chromecast.

Sling TV Live Streams CNN

Also sign up for a account. You can watch CNN on their $20/month plan, which gives you 30 channels. In addition to CNN, you’ll get ESPN, Disney Channel, Travel Channel and much more. They have two more packages that offer more cable channels. You can also add movie or comedy packages with an additional fee. Even if you were to get the advanced package, which is $40, the sports extra package which is $5, and added HBO for $15—it would still be cheaper than cable.

CNNgo App Live on Apple TV, iPhone, iTunes & iPad

Apple TV boast an impressive database of network applications including CNNgo. With Apple TV you can subscribe to the CNN app, but you will need a TV service provider to access live content.

The need for a TV service provider in order to watch CNN on Apple devices is particularly troubling to die-hard cord cutters. That’s why I suggest going with Sling TV, DirecTV Now or Vue as you preferred streaming service to watch CNN.

Final Thought

Live streaming is amazing. You can get content at your fingertips without having to paying for a cable subscription. When you watch programs online, it also means you can watch them while doing other things. Cable boxes are often located in one specific room and meant for one television; this is not the case with live streaming. It has advanced so much since the days we all had rabbit ears on our televisions. These days you don’t even need a television. Isn’t it crazy that those, too, will one day become obsolete?

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