How to Watch Cubs Game Today Online Free Without Cable

The curse of the goat is finally broken and the Chicago Cubs are World Series Champions at last. The Chicago Cubs have the most loyal fans in baseball. Their 2016 World Series Championships celebration was one of the largest gatherings in all of recorded history. Fans can’t wait for their next chance to Fly the W.

Because the Chicago Cubs have such a loyal fan base, there are undoubtedly fans that want to find a Cubs live stream. Not every Cubs fan wants to cough up the big bucks for cable in order to see their team beat the odds. Cable has gotten its third strike and it’s on the way out.

Fortunately, there are ways that you can watch the Cubs game tonight without having to subscribe to expensive cable. In fact, if there’s a Cubs game today, you can watch the game in as little as a few minutes using an internet streaming service. There are a variety of options and something for every Cubs fan.

Sling TV Has the Most Options – Try it for Free

Sling TV is a leader in online television streaming. With this service, you can use the internet to watch your favorite television live, as it airs. The only difference is that the signal comes to you using the internet rather than with a cable. Since its inception, this service has grown to millions of viewers.

This is a great option to see the Cubs game today, because it is one of the most customizable ways to watch television today. You get ESPN and TBS in the base orange group of channels. You only pay $20 per month for the base group of channels, so it’s a great way to see tons of Cubs games.

ESPN airs a lot of the Chicago Cubs each year. You get games on multiple days of the week, too. TBS broadcasts quite a bit, too, including playoff games. Sling TV is a great service for sports fans.

Read carefully when you sign up for this service. In some locations you can also get FOX and regional channels from FOX Sports that can bring you even more Cubs games. In addition to these channels, in the base package, you get 20 or so of the most popular channels on television.

You aren’t limited to watching Sling TV on a computer, either. You can watch on a television if you have a streaming device. A Roku is an example. You can also add on other channels for a bit extra each month. There are also promo offers that you can use to get a streaming device for free. There’s no contracts to sign.

Watch Cubs Game Today Live on PlayStation Vue

Another great option, especially for people who live in Chicago, is PlayStation Vue. This is another streaming service that uses the internet to bring you television. What distinguishes it from Sling TV is that it gives you a large base package of channels right off the bat. It’s also known for providing local channels, so if you live in Chicagoland be sure to check the lineup to see if you like the local channels that Playstation Vue offers.

You get a lot more channels than you get in the sling TV base package, but you can also expect to pay more for them. There are some limits on how you can watch away from home, but there are also on-demand services, too.

Stream Cubs Game Tonight Live on MLB.TV

If you don’t live near Chicago, MLB.TV might be a good option for you. This streaming service comes directly from Major League Baseball, but there are local blackouts. That means that this is a great way to see all of the action, if you don’t live in the Chicago area.

You can watch all the teams all year for one annual price. For a lower price, you can watch only Cubs games. There’s no guarantee that you’ll get to see your team in the playoffs.

Watch Chicago Cubs Free on OTA Antenna

Sometimes, you don’t need a television service at all to see the Cubs live stream. Some television is still free. You need a modern television and a digital antenna. You can pick up a lot of games this way that air on free, broadcast television.

If you want to see the Cubs game today, you can also add a DVR service. That lets you record the game and watch it later. Tablo is one DVR service that might work for you.