How to Watch Hornets Game Tonight Online Without Cable

So, it’s basketball time again and the Charlotte Hornets are looking like they might be the team to beat this year. For those Hornets fans who recently cut their cable connection, we a bit of great news for you! There are plenty of easy, affordable (some free), and 100% legal methods for you to watch all of the Charlotte Hornets live streams you like this season.

Not that you no longer have cable, it’d make perfect sense for you to learn how to watch the Hornets online. As previously stated, there are numerous options available to do so without having to have that expensive cable contract. Even better, you’ll be able to do so on all of your devices for a fraction of the cost.

Sling TV Streams the Charlotte Hornets Live

Majority of basketball fans have discovered that Sling TV is currently the most effective way to watch Hornets games online. It’s a product created by Dish Network that has rapidly become the alternative to cable and satellite TV. For starts, Sling TV only costs it users $20 per month. There are no-contracts to sign which means there is no commitment to keep it long term. You can sample the service for a whole month and cancel, penalty free if you don’t like it.

What do you have to do in order to watch live streams of the Charlotte Hornets games using Sling TV? Simple:

Grab yourself a Free 7-Day Sling Blue Trial At just $25 a month, Sling Blue provides you with over 40 major channels FOX Sports Southeast is included in Sling Blue for subscribers living in the Southeast area.

Other great channels such as ESPN, AMC, TNT, ABC, A&E, TBS, and many others provide live content as well come with a Sling subscription.

You can use Sling TV anytime from anywhere to stream Charlotte Hornets game to your mobile devices Contract-Free. Obviously, Sling TV is perfect for residents living in the Southeast area, but it’s just as good for those living outside of it as well.

One slight thing to keep in mind is that if you reside outside of the Southeast area, you won’t have access to FOX Sports Southeast. You’ll still be able to watch a lot of NBA games though. Included in Sling TV is ESPN and TNT streaming. These channels will provide access to numerous games. Note: ESPN in only included in some packages.

At the moment, Sling TV is offering new users a few great promotions:

A full week of Sling TV when you take advantage of the 7-day risk free trial A FREE Roku device when you sign up for 3 months of service Subscribe to Sling TV service for 3 months and get a ridiculously discounted Apple TV
What’s so great about Sling TV is its variety. There is sure to be something for everyone to enjoy on one of its numerous channels.

As a quick recap for those NBA and Charlotte Hornets fans, Sling TV offers:

For Southeastern USA residents, FOX Sports Southeast live stream of ALL Charlotte Hornets games Live streaming of every game on ESPN on Wednesdays and Fridays TNT live streaming of games on Thursdays and some Tuesdays ABC live streaming of games using the WatchESPN App Live streaming of post-game content from TNT (including Inside the NBA)
Clearly, Sling TV does a great job when it comes to NBA coverage and providing great content for other members of the family.

Sign up To DirecTV  Now, Hulu or Youtube Unplugged to Watch Hornets Game Tonight

DirecTV Now as it stands now features a host of popular sport channels on their live TV packages. Some of the notable channels that’s on DirecTV Now that regularly stream NBA games are ESPN, TNT, ABC and NBA TV.

Hulu and Youtube Unplugged are rumored to have rights to stream live NBA games when they launch in the first quarter of 2017. There isn’t much information on what Hulu and Google will offer in terms of sport channels, but we can be sure with some level of confidence that the ESPN network will probably be a stable on both platforms.

A free 7-day trial option is available on DirecTV Now and Hulu making the switch to online TV less stressful.

Watch Live Online Streams of the Charlotte Hornets on Playstation Vue

Playstation Vue provides you with another means of streaming the Charlotte Hornets games live online. It’s actually a fairly new service from Sony that is fighting for a top spot as the next cable replacement choice. Starting around $29.99 each month, Playstation Vue allows its subscribers to have access to more than 50 different major television channels.

The main focus for NBA fans will likely be channels like TNT and ESPN. We say this because when it comes to streaming live NBA games, those two channels alone broadcast over 100 of them. All you need to do is simply check the PlayStation Vue’s list of channels to see what others you’ll be able to tune in to. The downside to Vue is that you aren’t allowed to stream content outside of your home network. So, yea, there’s that. :-(.

Since the price is a bit cheaper and they offer the same channels plus more as Playstation Vue, Sling TV is still the recommended option out of the 2 services. Can’t forget about those sign-up bonuses either.

Charlotte Hornets Live Streaming with NBA League Pass Service

Charlotte Hornets games are also streamed live online via the NBA League Pass service.

For those of you who’ve never heard of it, League Pass is the official streaming service created by the NBA. Its fans get access to live streams of every NBA game all season long. More impressive is that they get it from the comfort of their very own couch. One of the great things about League Pass is that it can be used on a variety of devices. It makes keeping up with your favorite teams all season long not only simple, but enjoyable.

Now before you run out purchase this service, understand one thing: There is a catch! League Pass blacks out all local teams in your broadcasting area. So, if you’re a Hornets fan residing in Charlotte, League Pass will not display the game for you. That sucks! We know! You see, the cable networks are given the rights to provide live streams of all local teams in their area. Who knew? Right?

In a nutshell, if you’re a die-hard Hornets fan who actually lives in Charlotte, League Pass might not be the best option for you. However, for Hornets fans residing everywhere else, it’ll actually a pretty great option! Not only does it provide coverage of your favorite team, but it also gives you access to other teams as well.

NBA League Pass full service, is around $199.99 per season and offers:

Streaming of live NBA games across multiple devices such as computers, smart phones, and tablets Access to all live games during the NBA season Replays of all games on-demand and in HD Replays of all NBA Playoff games on-demand and in HD Replays of numerous classic NBA games on-demand and in HD A black out on local teams
A NBA Team Pass option exists as well for the price of $119.99 a season. This package provides the quality content as the League Pass package, but only for a single team of your choice. In this package, there’s also a blackout on local teams as well.

For $6.99 per game, you can take advantage of a third package known as NBA Single Game Pass. With this option, live streaming of any game you want is available. Still, local teams blacked out.

HD Antenna = Hornets Games Live Online for FREE

Believe it or not, there’s a 100% legal way to watch live Charlotte Hornets games from your living room! Better news is you can do it for FREE! All that’s required are two things: a television and a HD antenna (what digital antenna are best?). Neither a cable contract nor an internet connection is needed. We have written a guide on choosing the best TV antenna to help you decide.

The use of an antenna will allow you to pick up and view just about every over-the-air (OTA) channel in your area. Channels such as ABC streams over-the-air, so you’ll be able to watch all of the programs on ABC! Numerous NBA games are broadcast on the ABC network during the season, and now you’ll be able to see as many of them as are available.

To find out about the games that’ll be on and when, review ABC’s program schedule. Can’t watch them when they’ll be on? Not a problem. Add a DVR to the mix so you can record all of the games you’d like. When it’s convenient for you, view them later. Now sure which DVR is a good one for? Check out our comparison guide for help.

International Fans – Use a VPN to Stream the Charlotte Hornets Live Online

Live outside of the USA? Simply make use of a good VPN (Virtual Private Network) service to take advantage of some of the methods mentioned. NBA League Pass’s International Version would be a great option for you as well. There are no local team blackouts in that package.

As you can see, will all the available options you have now and days, there is no reason for you to have to miss out on watching those Charlotte Hornets games live online. We hope you found this guide extremely useful.