How to Watch Cardinals Today Online Free Without Cable

The St. Louis Cardinals compete in the Central Division of the National League. After undergoing several name changes in its early years, the team settled on the Cardinals. They’ve won the World Series many times and they’re one of the most profitable teams in Major League Baseball.

If you’re a regular Cardinals fan who wants to see the Cardinals game today, you’re going to be happy to hear that you have a lot of options to watch. You aren’t limited to cable, anymore, either. Instead, you have options to watch online. It’s completely legal to do it that way, and there are some leading technology developers that are behind this new service.

To watch, you start with a high-speed internet connection. Then you watch on a television, a computer, a tablet or a phone. To watch on a television, you need what’s called a streaming device. That finds your internet signal and converts the feed to live television. It seems a lot like watching television with cable, only the internet is bringing you the signal instead of old-school cables.

The services are better in many ways. You usually get more say in what individual channels you receive as part of your service. In turn, you also get a say in what you pay. There is no commitment, either.

There are also topic-specific streams. That means, you can either buy a service that gives you a variety of television channels across many genres or you can choose a service that just offers Major League Baseball, for example. Subscriptions often include perks, for example a free streaming device for your television that you can get for signing up for three months of Sling TV. These options all add up to a great way to watch the St. Louis Cardinals game tonight.

Watch St. Louis Cardinals Game Today on Sling TV

Sling TV is a service of Dish Network and it’s a great way to watch the Cardinals live stream. This service is a great way to see the action from St. Louis because you can get ESPN and TBS for just $20 per month. The two channels are part of a group of channels that make up the base channels in the orange package of Sling TV service.

ESPN broadcasts a few regular season games per week, including on weeknights. TBS offers regular season games here and there and then they really get busy broadcasting the Cardinals live stream in the playoffs. ESPN2 comes in the orange base package, too.

There are optional upgrades. You don’t have to sign a contract. Take advantage of the seven-day trial they have available for new users. T-Mobile customers get additional discounts.

Stream Cardinals Live on PlayStation Vue (Free Trial)

PlayStation Vue is also a great way to see the Cardinals game today. They have Fox Sports 1 as an automatic channel in the entry-level Access Slim package, along with ESPN and TBS. You have fewer options to customize, though, compared to Sling TV, so you have to make sure you want a lot of channels in the base package.

PlayStation consoles work to stream the service to a television set, and there are a number of other devices that are compatible, too. Service starts at $29.99 per month and goes up from there. There are some add ons like HBO, and some larger packages that you can opt for. Some of the packages have local channels that people like. Specifics for this depend on your location.

Watch Live Baseball Games on MLB.TV

If you don’t want other channels and you just want to watch Major League Baseball, check out MLB.TV. This is a streaming service that you buy by the season. It’s $84.99 to buy one team or buy them all for $109.99.

There’s a problem with this, though, if you want the Cardinals live stream and you live in St. Louis. That’s because there are local restrictions. These restrictions stop you from seeing the local team in the place where you live. If you want to watch the Cardinals game tonight and you live outside the St. Louis area, this service is great for you. If you’re in the area, though, you need to look at one of the more comprehensive television services.

Watch Cardinals Tonight Live on an OTA Antenna Television

If you don’t want cable or internet, you can still watch a few St. Louis Cardinals games this year. That’s because FOX still broadcasts some games each year absolutely free. These games are on broadcast television and you only need a television and an OTA antenna to pick up the games. Both the tv and the antenna must be high definition. Use a Tablo or other DVR service if you want to record the game.

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