How to Watch The British Open Live Online Without Cable

The British Open is one of the most historic golf tournaments in the world. It is the most prestigious golf tournament outside the United States and it draws large crowds each year. The British Open occurs in the United Kingdom, usually in July each year. The tournament has been around since 1860, which is more than 150 years.

There is room for 156 golfers in the tournament. The best players in the world just get places in the tournament at the invitation of the host committee. Other players have to qualify through special qualifying tournaments. The winner of the British Open currently takes home more than a million dollar prize. In total, the competition awards millions of dollars to players who do well in the competition.

If you’re looking for ways to watch the British Open live stream over the internet, we’ve got you covered. You don’t need cable to watch this fine golf competition, anymore. Instead there are many ways to watch the competition, legally, in the United States, using your internet connection and a low-cost, no-commitment streaming service. Read on to find out how to score an eagle with these revolutionary services.

Sling TV’s Blue Package Allows you to Stream Golf Live

Sling TV offers a low-cost way to see the best of the British Open. With Sling TV, you need an internet connection that is fast. Then, you need a desktop or laptop computer with an internet browser. If you prefer, you can watch on your iOS or Android phone, or you can watch on a television with a streaming device. There’s no cable required, but you get the same great channels, and it feels a lot like having a cable subscription.

For fans wanting the British Open live stream, you want the blue package of base channels. That costs $25 per month, and you get more than forty of the best paid television channels. Sling’s blue package is heavy in sports channels including NBC’s sports channels as well as some FOX Sports offerings.

If you’re really into golf, consider adding the Sports Extra package to your base selection. That’s an extra $5 per month, but you get the golf channel for less than the cost of going to one movie a month. You also get the History Channel, FS1, AMC and TBS to name just a few great channels in Sling TV’s base package. You can tryout the service for seven days and cancel it whenever you want to, with no questions asked.

You should note that NBC is only available with the service in the largest markets. You can take advantage of a Sling TV offer that gives you a free Roku 2 with three months prepaid. T-Mobile customers can also get an additional discount on services.

Stream It With PlayStation Vue Free Trial

PlayStation Vue gives you a core package of streamed channels for $35 per month. The core package is large, with more than seventy channels included at the entry-level price. PlayStation constantly works to give you more device compatibility, so in addition to watching the British Open live stream on your television with a PlayStation 3 or PlayStation 4 console system, you can watch with Chromecast, Android, iOS or Fire TV from Amazon. PlayStation Vue is a bit more restrictive than Sling TV when it comes to taking service away from home.

Antenna Television

It’s not your grandma’s television anymore. You can still see a great deal of the British Open for free with television that comes through the airways. Use a television with a digital tuner and a good antenna to pick up signals broadcast for free in your area. You don’t have to give them any information, or even tell the company broadcasting that you’re tuning in.

You have to check a schedule, because you either have to watch the show as it airs or you have to use a DVR to watch the program later. Not all antennas are the same, so you might want to consider whether to purchase an indoor or outdoor antenna, and how strong of an antenna you need to get the shows that you want to watch. There are no subscription fees for broadcast television.

In the United Kingdom

Streaming technology is up and running in the United Kingdom, too. The BBC airs a great deal of coverage, and it’s free to watch. Sky TV also offers a streaming service of the British Open through its NOW TV service. You pay for this by the day, week or month, and then your access is unlimited. There is never a contract and you can cancel anytime.