How To Watch Blue Jays Game Today Live Without Cable Free

The Toronto Blue Jays bring excitement and surprises to Major League Baseball. The team is known for its impressive offense and a high number of home runs each season. The team has fans in Canada, the United States and the rest of the world.

If you’re a fan of the Toronto Blue Jays and you live in the United States, you might want to know if there’s a way to watch the Blue Jays game tonight. People who follow the Blue Jays want to watch their team each game. They don’t want to pay a fortune to subscribe to cable just to watch their team take the field.

There are new ways available today for you to watch television. It might surprise you to learn that you don’t have to have cable, because you can watch television channels using the internet. You can sign up and start watching in just a few minutes.

The internet can bring you a lot of data, fast. This means you can get a television service using your internet connection. Usually, these services give you more choice over what you pay and what channels you get than traditional cable. There are some differences in the specifics of each service, but they offer good ways to see the Blue Jays game today.

Watch Blue Jays Today Online Without Cable Using Sling TV

A great service to look for the Blue Jays game tonight is Sling TV. This is arguably the strongest streaming service available today because it offers a very low price along with a lot of control over your channels. It’s a good way to get the Blue Jays live stream without spending a great deal, because packages start at just $20 per month.

Sling TV has two different base packages, and the orange package is the package that is $20 per month. There are more than 20 channels in the base package, and it’s a great way to watch the Blue Jays game today because it has TBS and ESPN automatically in the base package. This combination alone airs a lot of Major League Baseball games each year.

ESPN and ESPN2 air MLB games on Sunday, Monday and Wednesday nights. TBS airs games on Saturdays at the end of the season and then a lot of games during the playoffs. Depending on where you’re accessing the service, you also get FOX, which is huge for Toronto Blue Jays fans.

Sling TV also has extra packages that you can use to get even more channels. Most of these are only $5 per month. Add none at all or add all of the packages. You don’t have to sign a contract at all, so you can change your extras around any time that you want to. HBO is on the list of extras, too, but it’s a bit more at $15 per month. There are sign up deals, so make sure you look for those when you’re looking for the Blue Jays game today. Some of these deals give you a free television streaming device like a Roku, or a discount on other products and services.

Signup to PlayStation Vue So You Can Stream Blue Jays Game Online

This service is more expensive than Sling TV, but it’s not a bad way for Toronto Blue Jays fans to find the game. For $30 up front you get more than 50 channels. It’s watching television using the internet, so it’s a lot like Sling TV.

You need a streaming device to watch on a television or you can watch on your laptop or a phone. Check the device compatibility list carefully with this service, because it’s not as compatible with devices as other services. PlayStation consoles work well for streaming to a television, though. This service has FS1 in the base package, as well as ESPN and TBS, so it’s a good bet for Major League Baseball fans who want to see it all.

Join MLB.TV To Watch Baseball Games Live without Cable

Major League Baseball also offers a streaming service, and this is a great option for U.S. fans of the Toronto Blue Jays. The service offers only baseball, but you pay by the season instead of by the month. It’s $109.99 for all of the teams or watch just one team for $85. If you live in the Toronto area, there are blackouts that stop you from accessing the Blue Jays live stream. In that event, this service only works to watch the games on demand after the fact.

Use an OTA Antenna to Watch Blue Jays Game Tonight for free

Some games are still available for free on broadcast television using an OTA antenna. That means that if you have a high definition tv you can find a few games for free each year. DVR services can make this option more flexible, and you can fast forward and rewind, too.

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