How to Watch Blackhawks Game Tonight Without Cable Free

The Chicago Blackhawks are bigger than ever. Since their latest, big Stanley Cup win, fans have flocked to follow the team’s success. Chicago fans know their sports and they love to cheer on their favorite professional teams, all year long. The team began in 1926 as one of the original NHL teams. Since that time, they’ve won multiple Stanley Cup titles.

Blackhawks fans know that their team is great, so they want to follow all of the action. Fortunately, cable doesn’t have to be a part of the equation. Today, Blackhawks fans are turning to the internet to find the Blackhawks game tonight and every other night. It’s easier than ever before and it’s legal to do. You can use your existing high-speed internet connection to access a Blackhawks live stream. You don’t have to have cable to do it, and you don’t have to work with any cable company. Read more to find out how you can get in the game.

Streaming Service With Sling TV Free Trial

In the greater Chicago area and across the United States, Sling TV deserves serious consideration to be your streaming service of choice. In the Chicago area, it gives you NBCSN as well as a live stream of Chicago’s local NBC channel. This is a great way for Chicago Blackhawks fans to see the game.

Hands down, this is the least expensive way to go in Chicagoland, if the Chicago Blackhawks are what you’re looking for. It’s $25 per month with no commitments and no special terms. If the Chicago Blackhawks are what you want, this is your best option to pay a low fee for a reliable service.

If you want to watch other television, too, consider upgrading to some of the other available services that Sling TV offers. After your $25 base fee, you can add on several other packages. These are grouped in small bundles according to your interest group. If you want shows for kids, you can pay $5 more to get this package. There is another one for movies, another for news, and another for lifestyle. There is a way you can add HBO, too. Even with the extra packages, there is no commitment.

If you want to watch the service on your big-screen television, get a streaming device. You can get one as part of your sign-up for Sling TV, too. You can get a Roku 2 free or a Roku 3. For Apple fans, you can get a hefty discount on Apple TV as part of your sign up. This might even make the service pay for itself. To get these deals, you have to agree to three months of service.

PlayStation Vue on the Power Play

PlayStation Vue is big in the Chicagoland market. This is because it’s a great way to access the Blackhawks live stream. In the market, the service offers a large number of channels, including the NBC affiliate. That means you get a lot of Blackhawks games for the $39.99 monthly fee. While the entry-level service is nearly twice as much as Sling TV’s service, you also get many more channels in the base package for the price.

If you go this route, make sure your intended streaming device is compatible with the service. PlayStation Vue has fewer compatibility options than other services when it comes to streaming devices. There are also fewer options to watch while you’re away from home, so you can’t rely on this service if you want to use it while you’re traveling.

NHL Gamecenter Live

The NHL offers their own streaming service, and you can pay for it by the year or by the month. Don’t try this route if you want to watch the Chicago Blackhawks in Chicago, though, because they apply local blackouts that push users to other streaming services such as PlayStation Vue or Sling TV.

You can watch NHL Gamecenter on your computer or a smartphone. There are also ways to stream it to a television using Apple TV, Chromecast or Roku. It also works with a PlayStation 3 or an Xbox console. It’s $24.99 a month or there are annual prices, depending on whether you want to follow every team ($131.49 per year) or just one team ($105.09 per year).

Antenna Television

You can still use a television without cable to see a few Blackhawks games. You need an OTA antenna to pick up the broadcasts. The closer you live to the broadcast signal, the better the picture is. If you’re too far away from a broadcast signal, you can’t get the channel at all. Most of the games air in the Chicago area on the local NBC affiliate. You have to be a sleuth and check a local guide to determine when the games air.