How to Watch Big Ten Network Online Free

The Big Ten Network is the way that fans keep up with all of the action and rivalries in the storied Big Ten. FOX and the Big Ten Conference created a partnership to produce the Big Ten Network for the most serious college sports fans. At the time of its creation, the Big Ten Network was the first network of its kind. It set the standard for many college sports networks that followed. The Big Ten Network brings fans premium access to not only the best in basketball and football, but also other sports that Big Ten fans love to watch.

Most people think that they need to buy cable in order to see the Big Ten Network. They agree to high-priced packages that come with long commitments. But today, there are new ways to see the Big Ten Network. These new services don’t require long commitments or contracts, and they give you control over what you receive and what you pay. Continue reading to take a closer look at these revolutionary services.

Live Stream The Big Ten Network On DIRECTV NOW

Sports fans who want to watch the Big Ten Network can get the channel as part of their subscription to DIRECTV NOW. This service uses an internet stream to bring your selection of channels to you on television or another device that can access the service. There are a number of streaming devices that you can use to watch DIRECTV NOW on your television, including Apple TV and Chromecast.

DIRECTV NOW made a user interface that’s a lot like what cable users are used to. That makes it easy to use the service from the moment you log in. In addition to the Big Ten Network, you get movies, television shows and other sports channels, in a variety of channels that come with your service.

With this service you have options. Choose between multiple tiers that each come with a selection of popular channels. Typically, you get sixty channels in a package for $35. Sometimes, DIRECTV runs promotions that allow you to get the upgraded Go Big package for the same price. If you jump on that offer, they let you have the Go Big service at the entry level price, for as long as you have your service. They also run periodic specials that give you Apple TV or Amazon Fire TV if you prepay for a certain number of months of service. They also offer a free trial membership so you can see it all for yourself.

Big Ten Network Live on PlayStation Vue

Another streaming service that gives you the Big Ten Network is PlayStation Vue. This device generally works from a PlayStation console, but the creators recently extended the service so it’s compatible with a few streaming devices to watch on your television set. Examples of these streaming devices are Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast and iPad. The service uses the internet to stream your favorite channels right to you. There are no cables required.

PlayStation Vue ran in test markets in seven cities across the United States before expanding the service to reach across the entire country. One important restriction with this service is that you can only see local networks in the original cities. There is cloud-based DVR available with this service and on demand services that give you access to NBC, ABC and FOX only a day after the original programming airs. The service offers Big Ten Network, but there is no on-demand availability for the network.

PlayStation Vue is not the least expensive streaming service on the market. The exact price depends on your location. You pay $29.99 per month in smaller locations and $39.99 per month in big cities. There are premium channels available in addition to the base service. There are no contracts to sign and you can check it out free for seven days.
This can be a great way to watch the Big Ten Network for fans who also want to watch other television channels. Basic service includes ESPN and TNT, so you get a great deal of college and professional sports programming with your subscription. This is also a month-to-month service, so there’s no commitment required.

BTN Plus

There’s one more way to see the Big Ten Network that comes directly from the Big Ten itself. This is with BTN Plus, and it’s a streaming service right from the Big Ten. You pay one price if you want service for the entire year and another if you prefer month-to-month service. $119.95 is the cost for annual service and $14.95 is the monthly cost.

There’s one more option that allows you to choose a favorite school for your service. That selection lets you follow that school’s teams for only $79.99 per year. If you don’t want a commitment, watch one team for a month at a time at $9.95 per month.

BTN Plus also gives you access to extra games that aren’t on television. But, this comes with a drawback, because you can’t watch Big Ten football games online using BTN Plus. Make sure you read carefully so you get exactly the package you want.

Additional Options – Hulu, Sling TV, Apple TV, Roku

Unfortunately, there are no other subscription services that carry the Big Ten Network at this time. But if you like college sports, there are other ways to see lots of Big Ten action. Sling TV and Hulu are an excellent streaming service. You can get ESPN, ESPN 2 and ESPN 3 with this service, so you can see a number of Big Ten games each year. There is also an upgrade package available for the best in sports channels for a small extra fee.

Sling TV constantly adds to its channel offerings, so fans should continue to track this service for new offerings. There are other up and coming streaming services such as VIDGO and Youtube Unplugged, so it’s possible that the Big Ten Network expands into other streaming services in the near future.

With these options, the Big Ten Network comes right to you through a variety of options. Use a streaming device to cut the cable and watch your favorite team rule the Big Ten. Alternatively, you can purchase BTN Plus and stream the Big Ten Network directly from the Big Ten. With so many ways to see your favorite team, you never need to get stuck on the sidelines with cable ever again.

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