How to Watch Big Ten Conference Basketball Games Online Without Cable

Who doesn’t love at least one of the fourteen university teams in the Division I Collegiate Athletic Conference? Last year it aired on several different programming providers like CBS, TNT, and even TruTV, but if you didn’t have a cable subscription that was plucking your pockets of lint, then you did not get to see the games.

This is no longer the case because there are options to stream live Big Ten basketball games online that are far more cost friendly than cable. Even if you want to simply hook up an antennae to your TV so you can watch the Big Ten Conference games on CBS for free, but know that most games will not be through this network, but will mostly be broadcast on the family of ESPN networks.

If you are wondering how you are going to be able to watch Big Ten basketball games online, you are not alone. There are several different ways of doing just that so you will not be left in the cable price gouging hell.

Watch Big Ten Basketball Games on Sling TV And DirecTV Now Free

Sling TV has been hailed the best way to watch Big Ten basketball games online from any device for little money. ESPN is prominent in their basic Sling Orange package, and this is important because the Big Ten Conference has an agreement with ESPN for all rights to air their games. You can get a free seven-day trial and then sign up for as little as twenty dollars per month.

DirecTV Now owned by AT&T is a recently added live TV service that many people might not know has a decent level of channels that stream Big Ten games. DirecTV Now host channels like ESPN, ESPNU, and the Big Ten Network for only $35 per month. Both services come with a seven day free trial offer.

Big Ten Conference Network Live Stream (BTN2Go) On Apple TV

If you are a DirecTV, Dish Network or Canada’s Shaw Network television subscriber or an AT&T or Verizon FiOS subscriber, you have access to the Big Ten Network as part of your programming. It will give you all the high profile, otherwise blacked out college Big Ten basketball games at your fingertips.

They added Big Ten Network Go to devices such as Android, Apple TV, Roku, Windows 10 devices and Chromecast so you can stream live Big Ten basketball games online from any device. Keep in mind that you need to subscribe to at least one of the networks, but it will gain you free full access to watch Big Ten basketball games online.

Apple TV which host a ton of apps, also host the Big Ten Network, which is called Big Ten Network on The GO. You can download the app on any apple device including iPhone, iPad, iPod.

Play Station Vue 7-day Free Trial

Play Station Vue is a no-contract option to watch Big Ten basketball games online for only thirty dollars per month. It gains you full access to tons of networks like the family of ESPN networks to stream live Big Ten basketball games online. Also, PS Vue already hosts the Big Ten Conference network, so the entire Big Ten season is covered.

There are many options today to stream live Big Ten basketball games online where you do not need a cable subscriber. If you love to watch Big Ten basketball games online having access to the Big Ten Conference Network will give you the most games for your money.

Watch Big Ten Conference Tournament on Hulu, Youtube Unplugged and Vidgo

The big ten conference has an excellent shot of having one of their team represent the conference in the sweet 16, Final four and/or the national championship game. However the conference tournament is the first chance to see what team is really any good for March Madness.

Hulu, Vidgo and Google’s Youtube unplugged are newly created streaming service that we hope will be fully operational by the time the March Madness Tournament starts. All three services are new, and some are likely in the beta testing phase.

We mention them because all three have potential to add value to the ever growing live TV options available to cord cutters.

Big Ten Teams:

Michigan Wolverines
Northwestern Wildcats
Wisconsin Badgers
Penn State (PSU)
Ohio State (OSU) Buckeyes
Michigan State
Indiana (IU) Hoosiers
Iowa Hawkeyes
Nebraska Cornhuskers
Maryland Terrapins