How to Legally Watch BET Online Free Without Cable

BET (Black Entertainment Television) is one of the most widely respected networks on television today. Owned by a division of Viacom, approximately three-quarters of television sets in the United States receive the channel. The channels airs a variety of programming including news, stand-up comedy, video and music videos.

When BET started in 1980, it was part of Nickelodeon. BET was a two-hour programming set that aired on the channel. Back then, programmers mostly chose to air music videos and popular sitcoms in syndication. From there, the network executives realized that BET had potential for its own, stand alone channel. In 1983, BET launched as it own channel. It quickly grew into the go-to place on television for African American-interest programming.

The channel went on to quickly break networks for growth and audiences. It began to produce and launch its own series. Major hits from the network include Bobby Jones Gospel, Sunday Best, a reality show hit, and the scripted series Zoe Ever After. There are special aired events, too, such as the BET Awards. The network continues to run classic favorites. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air is one such example, and BET is helping this show reach an entire new audience of loyal fans.

Today, BET is moving away from cable television. Fans wants to watch BET network online instead of on old-school cable. Today, signing up for a cable package that can lock you in for years isn’t the smart way to go about making sure that you see that all BET has to offer. Keep reading to find out what smart television consumers already know: There are new, easier ways to get your favorite television content without paying a fortune.

See It With Sling TV – Free Trial

The gold standard in online streaming services is Sling TV. This service allows you to choose a small base package of channels and then customize it with your favorite other channels. Entry level service comes in two packages, the Orange service and the Blue package. If you want to watch BET network online, you want to select the Blue package, at $25 per month. This package contains BET. If you want to watch BET, that’s all you need to do. The Blue package alone comes with 40 channels, without any add-ons.

Computers, mobile devices, and tv are all ways that you can watch Sling TV. They offer sign-up bonuses, too. If you want three months of service off the bat, you get Roku 2 for free so you can stream on your television, or you get $60 off Apple TV. This is the most affordable way to get a complete stream of BET available today. You can try Sling TV out for free to see what it’s all about.

DirecTV NOW Offers Live Streaming

DirecTV NOW works like most streaming services available today. This means that you only need an internet connection and a device that’s compatible in order to see your favorite television shows. This is subscription television, but you use the internet to get your shows instead of cable. You need to have a good internet connection with fast service.

One good thing about DirecTV NOW is that there is no commitment. This is a big way that DirecTV NOW and other streaming services distinguish themselves from cable. You pay for the service only for as many months as you want it, month-to-month. There is no commitment. This is a great way to watch BET network online without having to pay for cable or wait for the cable guy to show up in a long window.

With DirecTV NOW you get to choose from one of a number of service packages. The three available packages have as many as 120 channels in them, and you can get local channels too so that you can watch your local news in addition to BET network.

There are lots of ways to watch DirecTV NOW, and it’s not just on television. You can watch on your tv with a streaming device or you can watch on a computer or mobile device like a smart phone. If you want to see how the service really works, there’s a free trial that you can use to try out the service for seven days with no obligation whatsoever.

The lowest price level is $35 per month, with no hidden fees. You can choose other packages or small add-on options that raise the price a little bit. This entry level fee is more than you pay for other streaming services like Sling TV, but it’s still a little bit less than you pay for cable, with no commitment and no cables. There are other promotions that allow you to choose Apple TV or Amazon Fire TV if you agree to a few months of service.

Hulu Offers BET Content – Free Trial

Hulu offers a great deal of television content online, and BET is some of this content. It has a lot of shows and movies and even some original content. You can find The West Brooks and Let’s Stay Together from BET on Hulu.

Hulu is a low monthly price of $7.99, and that’s because you don’t get a great deal of television streaming live with Hulu. You can watch movies and shows from the catalog of older and already-ran shows, but it’s not the best for watching BET live, as it airs. You can pay a little bit more each month if you don’t want to see ads on the service.

BET Not On PlayStation Vue

If you want to watch BET network online, don’t choose PlayStation Vue. The channel is not available, and in fact, no Viacom channels are on PlayStation Vue. Fortunately, however, Sling TV and DirecTV NOW offer BET as part of their service choices. Users report that PlayStation Vue doesn’t have a great deal of device compatibility, anyways, because it’s primarily for use with a late-model PlayStation console.

With the above services, you don’t need to miss even a minute of BET. Online streaming services give you choices. Choose just the channels you want at the price you can afford. Enjoy BET and other great shows without commitment and only on the terms that you choose.