How to Watch Baylor Basketball Games Online Without Cable

The basketball team of Baylor University is always a delight to watch. Baylor Bears have been performing well during the past few seasons and fans of the basketball team are looking forward to watching how they do in the Big 12 tournament.

Rumors have it that the Baylor Bears has a good change of winning the Big 12 conference, and making far into the NCAA tournament. Because of the popularity of the Baylor basketball team, fans who’ve decided to cut their cable cord in favor on online streaming service are probably thinking how can they access Baylor live stream online.

Below I share some total legal and sometimes free ways to watch the Bears online without the need of a cable subscription.

Watch Baylor Bears Live Stream on the WatchESPN APP

The WatchESPN App can be accessed through an array of devices such as Xbox 360, Chromecast, Apple TV and Roku. This app broadcast the various games that are hosted via ESPN, ESPN2 and ESPN3. However, you will need to login using a participating provider such as your ISP.

Sling TV, another popular streaming service offers a login on WatchESPN that will allow you to watch Baylor basketball live stream in the event that the live coverage is show on ESPN3.

Catch Bears Game on Sling TV

Sling TV has been the choice for cord cutters around the country, mainly because they are one of the first live TV streaming service in the market. With more streaming services entering the market like DirecTV Now, Youtube Unplugged and Hulu, Sling TV continues to be the preferred choice for majority of cord cutters.

Reason being for the popularity of Sling TV is the entry level plans which are cheaper than their competitors in the market. Sling TV is superior in quality than the new services  in the market.

The most basic package of Sling TV comes with over 25 channels for as low as $20 per month. It also allows you to live stream without any cable subscription. For Baylor basketball highlights, you will find the networks of ESPN useful during the entire regular season.

March Madness Live Stream

To watch the March Madness tournament, you have truTV, TBS, and TNT that covers the gameS during the tournament. Sling TV is the go to service for the march madness tournament as it host both TBS, TNT and ESPN. There are also some areas where Sling TV carries local channels like Fox, CBS, NBC and ABC.

Digital Antenna

For those who have a digital antenna, you can access sports channel such as CBS and Fox free from any monthly fees and charges. These are free networks that broadcast by air so you will be able to catch their reception if you have a good working digital antenna. CBS will be broadcasting Baylor Basketball highlights during the March Madness. In case you do not have an antenna, there are various antennas available that comes with only a minimum cost.

There you have it; these are your diverse options to watch Baylor Basketball online. In case you have any question, call us, and we will tell you your various streaming options to watch NCAA basketball.