How to Watch Astros Game Today Online Free Without Cable

Perhaps there is no place that has more loyal baseball fans than in Houston, Texas. The Houston Astros are one of the best known teams in Major League Baseball. They moved to the American League and quickly became a force to be reckoned with. They always have a strong team that is ready to make a run for the playoffs.

If you want to watch the Houston Astros game today, the good news is that there are ways that you can do that without having to wait for the cable guy. These new ways allow you to access a stream of the game on the internet, live, as it airs. These services are legal and you might not believe the big names that have put serious power behind the services, like Dish Network and Sony. With so many options, there is something to meet every taste, and many ways that you can find yourself watching the Astros game tonight.

Sling TV is a New Way to Watch Astros Game Today Online

To access the Astros live stream, Sling TV can be a great place to start. This service is only $20 per month. There’s no commitment and there’s no contracts to sign. You simply get the service for as long as you want to have it, like any other monthly subscription fee. Even your gym membership probably has more restrictions than that.

This is a great way to see the Astros game today, because you can select the orange base package and that gives you TBS and ESPN. These channels air a number of Astros games. To get this option, you select the base orange package for $20 per month over the base blue package for $25 per month. The two base packages have many of the same features, but the blue package focuses more on NBC and FOX Sports programming while the orange package is ABC and ESPN heavy in basic channels.

There is a seven-day free trial, so if you wanted to you could watch games for a week and then decline to subscribe to the service. However, millions of subscribers come back to Sling TV month after month for what they believe is great service. If you want more channels than the base package, you can get nearly every channel that is available to you in a base cable package. These add-ons are organized by group and you choose as few or as many as you want. They start at $5 per month and go up to $15 per month. This is still a great deal, and you end up with a package that is only the channels you choose at the price you agree to.

There are a few other bonus features to sweeten the deal. If you get T-Mobile you can get a discount on the service for a long period of time. With this deal you can pay just $14 per month for access. In addition, your viewing doesn’t count as data use with T-Mobile. There are also deals for a three-month subscription where you can get a free Roku 2 or a Roku 3 or Apple TV at a discounted rate.

Astros Game Live Streaming Option on PlayStation Vue (Free Trial)

Another way to go is with PlayStation Vue. This service works in a similar way as Sling TV, and there are on-demand options and local channels that make it more attractive than Sling TV in some ways. However, the entry-level price point is higher than what Sling TV offers.

For the entry-level price of $29.99 or $39.99 per month, depending on your locale, you get fifty base channels. That means if you know you want a lot of channels, this could be the most cost-effective way to go. ESPN and TBS both come in the Access Slim package, so rest assured it’s a good way to see the Houston Astros game today.

Watch Houston Astros Baseball Game Live on MLB.TV

Major League Baseball knows that the future is streaming television, too, so they offer their own streaming service of just MLB games. With this plan you can pay $109.99 to access all of the teams for a year or just under $90 to access only one team for the year. If you want to watch baseball and not a lot of other television, MLB.TV might meet your needs.

Be careful about your location though. MLB.TV has local restrictions that stop you from watching in the place where you live. If you want the Astros live stream and you live in Houston, it’s not a service that’s going to help you. This service is different than Sling TV and PlayStation Vue in that you pay by the season and not by the month.

Watch with Antenna Television

Sometimes, television is still free. You can use a high-definition television to get the Astros, but you have to have an antenna. Antennas vary in power and range, so do your homework on that. They are available online or by visiting a big box store or other electronics retailer. You can complement the service with a DVR recorder so you can record the games that air live.

More Ways To Stream Astros Games & TV Shows Without a Cable Subscription