How to Watch Arkansas Football Online Free Without Cable

While the fans of the Razorbacks have seen their favorite team go through a roller-coaster of highs and lows during the past couple of seasons, they have continued to be fiercely loyal towards the Arkansas team. And now that the 2016-2017 season is finally underway, fans are eagerly waiting to see their favorite team in action.

While those subscribing to the good old cable connection have no problem watching their favorite matches, the cord-cutting community is in a fix as to how they will be able to legally live-stream their Arkansas Razorbacks matches online sans the cable subscription.

In the event that that you’re one of those huge Razorbacks fans who either does not have the required cable connection or have cable but live in a state other than Arkansas, and are wondering how you will watch your team live, you’re in luck. Fortunately for you, there now exist a number of great, convenient and legal options that will allow you to watch your team online.

Read on to know the various options that exist that can allow you to live stream Arkansas football online, and evaluate the option that will suit you best.


Coming under the banner of Dish Network, Sling TV is a streaming service, which, at a starting price of $20 per month, offers great content with no contract whatsoever. A very affordable, yet top-of-the-line service, Sling TV gives its subscribers access to popular cable channels, which makes the service very suitable to catch-up on Arkansas Football matches by live streaming them online.

The very basic, starting package offers access to around twenty five channels, which include ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN3 (which you can watch through the WatchESPN app using your Sling Login credentials). All-in-all, you can access some great Arkansas football by live-streaming them through any of the channels offered by the ESPN Network.

If you go above the starter package, you will find that Sling TV also includes other channels, such as ESPNU, ESPNEWS, and the very famous SEC Network. These channels are part of its Sports Extra add-on package, which costs as little as $5 a month, and will grant you access to Arkansas football as well as the SEC Network.

What’s more, besides the additional channels, you will also get the opportunity to join the joint digital platform of the ESPN and the SEC. You can furthermore access the SEC Network+ platform via the WatchESPN app, which will be including analysis and highlights in addition to game streams. Overall, it makes for a great package to watch games online.

If you have any plans to catch-up on Arkansas football during the upcoming season, you must try Sling TV’s limited offer. If you prepay for three months of service in the very beginning, you will win a free Roku Streaming Device or an Apple TV at a heavy discount.

This deals is a very convenient one given that it helps you watch for almost all of the college season AND allows you to have a brand new device all to yourself at the end of the 3-month period. Furthermore, customers who use T-Mobile can get a special deal and avail 30% off of all Sling TV charges!!

Furthermore, you can try out the service before actually using it by accepting Sling TV’s free seven day trial.


Much in the lines of Sling TV, DirecTV Now, Hulu and PlayStation Vue are online streaming services which offers subscribers access to a large amount of live television content without cable. A very affordable service, Playstation Vue charges as little as $30 a month to grant its users access to more than fifty news channels, which include ESPN and ESPN2, among others. Whenever, games fall on ESPN affiliate channels, you can catch-up on your favorite Arkansas Football by live streaming them.

Available throughout the nation, PlayStation Vue works on most streaming devices, with the exception of Apple TV, which is not supported by the service yet.

To know more about the various services under PlayStation Vue, you can read our in-depth review right here.

DirecTV Now is an interesting platform for SEC fanatics as they carry the SEC Network, WatchESPN, ESPN, ESPNU and ESPN2. Hulu, who is partly owned by the Walt Disney Company will broadcast content from CBS, FOX, ABC and all of the ESPN channels.

You test drive each service for free for 7 days. You can pull the plug and cancel at anytime if you don’t like the service within the seven day trial period.


In what is being considered a groundbreaking move, CBS has signed a contract with none other than the SEC to get the first pick on the selection of games it broadcasts over the upcoming seasons. This implies that some fabulous match-ups are in order on CBS’s SEC Game of the Week along with many of its Saturday doubleheaders, which in turn makes Arkansas a likely candidate for being featured on the channel at some or the other point in the duration of the season.

The good news is that the CBS broadcasts can be easily picked-up by an indoor antenna and broadcast in HD via over-the-air transmissions. In the event you don’t have an antenna, it is highly recommended that you check our in-depth guide on buying antennas.

Furthermore, you can also record the games on CBS. Using an over-the-air DVR, it is now possible for you to record any and all TV content that you receive from your antenna. You can then watch them at your convenience. You can also pause, rewind, and fast-forward, and also stream live TV and recordings to any streaming device of your choice, be it your tablet phone or laptop.
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In what is being considered a great opportunity for fans to stay up-to-date on their favorite matches, Arkansas Razorbacks football games will now be broadcast via more than forty different affiliate radio stations present all over Arkansas and its adjoining areas.

Not only will games be audio-broadcast live on radio, there will other forms of coverage such as pre- and post-games reactions, along with a play-be-play broadcast, led by the one and only Chuck Barrett, who is now all set to enter into his eight season hosting the broadcast. Accompanying him will be Keith Jackson, a fifteen-year old veteran of Arkansas radio. ESPN’s Hog Sports Radio 99.5 FM makes for a great source of listening to radio.

You can go ahead and listen to the games online right here.


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