How to Watch Ducks Game Tonight Free Without Cable

There are few NHL hockey teams with a prouder tradition than the Anaheim Ducks. The Anaheim Ducks bring all of the action on the ice to sunny California. Of course, early Millennials don’t need to be told the story of the Ducks. The team started in 1993, and they have already won the Stanley Cup.

The Ducks are the brainchild of the Walt Disney Company. Following on the heels of the success of the Mighty Ducks trilogy, Disney founded and developed the professional hockey team. The Ducks play in the NHL’s Western Conference.

The Ducks are a relatively new NHL team, and fans want to find new ways to watch the Anaheim Ducks play on television. Cable isn’t how serious fans are watching the Ducks these days. Instead, fans are using the internet they already have to access the Ducks live stream. There is no cable required, and no waiting for a cable guy. You can sign up in a few minutes and find yourself watching the Ducks game tonight.

Watch Ducks Game Tonight on Sling TV Free

If you’re making the call to switch to internet-based television, you should start by checking out Sling TV. This service is the internet streaming powerhouse, and for good reason. More than one million subscribers can’t be wrong that this is a great way to watch the Ducks live stream. The price is affordable and users have a lot of control over their service.

The good news for Ducks fans is that you can choose NBCSN in one of the channel packages. You also get your region’s FOX Sports network. That’s significant because it’s a great way to watch the Ducks game tonight and every night. You also get your NBC affiliate in some locations. This is a lot of sports programming at your fingertips, including the NHL, for one low and predictable price. Look for the games on FOX Sports Prime Ticket. You can see all the Ducks games all season this way.

This service is $25 per month. It’s the Sling TV blue package. The blue package is the larger of the two base packages, and it comes with a number of the most popular channels on television. If these channels are enough for you, you pay just the $25 per month and no more. There are no restrictions on how much you can watch, but there are restrictions on how many devices you can watch with at one time. If you want multiple devices, you can add on a bit more to your monthly bill for that option.

Similarly, if you want more channels, you have the option to pay for small groups of extra channels. These channels are grouped by interest. For example, there is one set of channels for children. There is another set for people who love paid news programming. Lifestyle channels are another optional add on. You can choose as many or as few extras as you want and change them at any time.

You can check out Sling TV for seven days to make sure it’s what you want. There are also discounts available if you have T-Mobile. Another way to get a deal is to agree to three months of service in exchange for a free or discounted streaming device.

PlayStation Vue Free Trial

Although its subscription numbers are very small by comparison to Sling TV, PlayStation Vue is another option that might meet your needs for the Anaheim Ducks live stream. This is an internet-streaming service. You use a streaming device like a PlayStation 3 or PlayStation 4 console, or a few other streaming devices, and you watch on your television set.

PlayStation Vue has on-demand options, too, that people like to take advantage of. In large markets, you get local channels, and this applies to Los Angeles. You pay about $40 for the service in large markets, but expect a large package of channels for this price. While device compatibility has expanded in recent years, there is still no support for Apple TV.

NHL Gamecenter for Out of Market Viewing

This is a great option if you want the Ducks live stream and you live outside of the Los Angeles area. NHL Gamecenter is a streaming service directly from the NHL. You can choose to follow all of the teams or just one, and the price points are different for these two services depending on which you select.

The service only works outside of the area of the team’s physical location. There are local blackouts, so if you’re in Los Angeles, watching the Ducks this way isn’t going to work. The games are up for you to watch shortly after they end in real time. You can pay by the month if you want to, and there are single-game options for you, too.

Over the Air Television

Broadcast television is still free. If you live near the broadcast and you can pick up the signal, you can watch absolutely free. Use your HD television and your television antenna to pick up the game and watch live.