How to Watch the AMC Network Online Free Without Cable

AMC is one of the most popular channels on television. And it’s for good reason. AMC always chooses the best in new and classic movies, as well as groundbreaking series programming. The channel has approximately 100 million subscribers in the United States, and the vast majority of people who even own a television set choose to make AMC a part of their programming.

The network is home of some of the most popular hits on television. AMC is proudly home to the Breaking Bad series as well as the hit Mad Men. Better Call Saul essentially has a cult following and Preacher was an instant hit. Other popular shows on the network are The Walking Dead and its counterpart, Fear the Walking Dead.

With such a steady fan base, it’s no wonder that people are wondering if there’s a way they can continue to watch AMC without having to pay for expensive cable service. They want other options that are legal and convenient. Most of all, people only want to pay for service they love. They don’t want to get locked into long contracts without knowing whether they love the product.

Today, Sling TV is the leader in no-contract television programming. There are other options, too, especially for people that live outside the United States. Fortunately, with these options, there are great, inexpensive ways that you can watch AMC without cable and without wasting your hard-earned dollars.

To get AMC’s great programming without cable, take a second to review the many great internet streaming options available today, including Sling TV and PlayStation Vue. The different options have different price points, features, and abilities to customize your service, so it’s worth taking the time to review the different options.

Most of these services offer a free limited trial, so it’s a good idea to take advantage of this option to make sure you love the service. You can usually download programming with the streaming device of your choice, such as Roku, Chromecast or Amazon Fire TV, as well as your smartphone. Here are some of your streaming options to watch AMC without paying for costly cable.

Watch AMC Live on DirecTV Now

DirecTV Now is one way to see your favorite AMC shows without cable. With DirecTV Now, you have your choice of over more than 100 channels. Watch with a live stream from your internet feed whether you’re home or traveling. You can use your mobile device, and DirecTV never imposes a major restriction on mobile streaming, so this is a good option for busy travelers. All you need is your internet connection and a compatible device.

There are a variety of price points with DirecTV Now. For now, there’s a special promotion that allows you to get the Go Big package for $35 per month including a 7-day free trial. The good news is, if you buy in at that price, you get to keep the Go Big package while you’re a subscribing member.

The most expensive packages DirecTV Now offers are $70 per month. There are other offers you might be interested in, such as a free Amazon Fire TV stick to make it easy for you to stream to a television, or free Apple TV for a month if you buy three months of DirecTV Now up front. With these offers, you can use DirecTV Now to watch AMC and other great television.

Stream The AMC Network Live on Sling TV

Sling TV is a revolutionary service that offers a lot of punch for one low price. The service lets you have a great deal of control over the packages that you receive and what you pay for them. You can use any internet connection to stream your programming on a large number of compatible devices. If you want to watch on TV you need a streaming player, but Sling TV sweetens the deal by offering you a Roku for free if you want three months of service off the bat.

Sling TV has worked hard to develop their service so that it’s compatible with a large number of devices, including Apple TV, Chromecast, Android TV, Xbox One, Fire TV and more. They also made sure the service works on iOS and Android so that you can travel with abandon and still see great television.

Because AMC is such a popular channel, Sling TV makes sure that you can watch the channel both with live streaming and on demand. This is a great way to binge watch Hell on Wheels while you’re stuck in an airport or riding out the latest snowstorm in the Northern United States. There’s no limit to how often you can use your Sling TV benefits.

Sling TV knows that price matters to you, so they let you in on the ground floor for just $20 per month. If you’re lucky enough to be a T-Mobile customer, you can get this great service for only $14 per month. That’s pennies by comparison to a standard cable subscription.

Because there’s no contract, you can keep the service while your favorite show is airing new episodes, and cancel it in the off-season. And there’s a seven-day trial so you can try it all out. When you want a break from AMC, check out all of the other fine channels that Sling TV offers. There’s another promotional offer for a discount on Apple TV with three months of service. T-Mobile has a feature they call Binge On, which lets you watch Sling TV on your compatible device without it counting against your data.

Sling TV offers the most popular channels on television, such as TBS and ABC Family, so you can watch sports, and there is something for the whole family. ESPN is a popular channel on Sling TV. There are also news channels and extra packages for sports and movie lovers.

Sling TV receives the highest reviews among critics. Its subscribers are growing in huge numbers. It’s definitely worth giving this service some serious thought.

PlayStation Vue is a Great Cable Alternative

Another streaming service that brings you AMC is PlayStation Vue. Sony offers this service, which works in a similar way to Sling TV by streaming internet service. Sling TV has a lower entry price than PlayStation Vue. PlayStation Vue starts at $29.99 to $39.99, depending on your market. It also doesn’t have developed compatibility with as many devices, so really, your only great option to watch channels like AMC are by using PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 consoles, and a few other devices like Roku and Chromecast. PlayStation Vue also imposes more restrictions on streaming outside the device, so it’s not ideal for travelers. Check out the service with a one-week trial, absolutely free.

AMC Website

You can watch AMC in limited amounts on their own website. The channel usually puts one or two episodes up without charge, although it’s usually limited to around the time of the annual season premier for each show. AMC doesn’t leave the episodes up for very long, so you’ve got to pay attention and be quick if you want to take advantage of this service.

Don’t take any chances with illegal websites. Usually these sites are full of malware and they quickly ruin your computer. Take advantage of Sling TV and other streaming options to see the best of AMC without staying stuck with cable.

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