How to Watch ABC Without Cable

Each week our Tivo fills up really fast. Shows such as Modern Family, Designated Survivor, Scandal, Shark Tank, Last Man Standing and The Chew are some of our favorites. But you don’t need cable to watch these shows. These days, in facts, having a television is nearly becoming obsolete. If you don’t like siting in front of a television all night, try these options. You’ll find that you can still watch your shows while maintaining your busy schedule.

First, head over to Whether you’re watching your shows or news, you’re going to find it all here. Viewers will be able to find full episodes of their favorite shows, while also finding clips and teasers. There may be deleted scenes, for instance, or you have the opportunity to read cast biographies. On the website, too, you can find souvenirs to your favorite shows. You can also view what content they plan to cover on upcoming shows.

Apple TV

Another way to watch ABC is to stream it through Google Play or Apple TV. Download the ABC app and you can watch their live feed if it’s available in your area. This application lets you watch all your favorite television shows as well. Never miss an episode of Modern Family, Blackish or The Real O’Neals. This is different then the ABC News application, which live streams their news broadcast. On the ABC app you can see specials, such as A Charlie Brown Christmas. Count on full episodes of each one.

Amazon fire TV, too, is another way to watch ABC shows. If you don’t have cable, there’s no need to fret. Head over to Amazon and look up your favorite show. If you want to watch it on your television, you’ll need a device such as the Roku. Otherwise, you’ll have to watch it on your phone or computer. Each episode averages around $2.99. If you have a lot of shows to watch, you may want to consider a cost effective option. Entire seasons can cost just under $30. That’s a big expense if you have more than one show that you’re buying.

Over The Air (OTA) Antenna

Furthermore, place an antenna in your window and try to adjust your over-the-air channels. ABC is one of the channels that we get on our antenna. We have it in a window that is pointing west, but the best signal for you may be another direction. Once you have it all set up,  you want each channel to come in with a range of 65% of higher. This almost guarantees that the channel won’t break up while you are watching it. Of course, there is always wind, buildings, rain or snow that are going to interfere with the signal. If you don’t know which antenna to buy, head on over to Antenna Web. Put in your zip code and it will let you know the strongest channels within your area.

Finally, you may want to consider Hulu plus or DirecTV Now. Just like Dish network’s Sling TV, Hulu is a live streaming service that you can get on any device (Hulu Review). It’s $7.99/month and contains a wide variety of channels. You will still have to deal with commercials, but all streaming services have this. Hulu guarantees that you’ll never miss one of your favorite shows. You can watch this service at home or on the go. Never again miss any of your ABC shows. Use these tactful ways to watch them without cable and be productive throughout your day.

ABC shows as of 2016:

20/20, 500 Questions, America’s Funniest Home Videos, American Crime, The Astronaut Wives Club, The Bachelor, Bachelor in Paradise, The Bachelorette, BattleBots,
Black-ish, Boston EMS, Castle, Celebrity Family Feud, Celebrity Wife Swap, Cristela, Dancing with the Stars, Extreme Weight Loss, Forever, Fresh Off The Boat
Last Man Standing, Manhattan Love Story, Marvel’s Agent Carter, Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, The Middle, Mistresses, Modern Family, Nashville, Once Upon a Time, Primetime: What Would You Do?, Repeat After Me, Resurrection, Revenge, Rookie Blue
  , Save My Life: Boston Trauma, Scandal, Secrets and Lies, Selfie, Shark Tank, The Taste, and The Whispers,Galavant, The Goldbergs, The Great Christmas Light Fight, Grey’s Anatomy, How to Get Away with Murder, In An Instant